Wait for it…..


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19 Responses to Wait for it…..

  1. pdwalker says:

    Fucking Dumbass! Overall poor handling of his weapon and I saw the discharge coming the very second he put his snot picking finger on the trigger. Stupid, Stoopid, Stooopid.

  2. rayvet says:

    F’ing idiot. That’s all I got.

  3. FUBAR57 says:

    Some people’s Morons, I swear.

  4. Elmo says:

    That video should be titled “44 Magnum Negligent Discharge, Las Vegas”.
    Too bad he didn’t break his nose.

  5. Cavguy says:

    Hey ah bud the gun is always loaded.

    Poor PMI class. That should of been accomplished in the classroom not at the range.


  6. AndyN says:

    I’d walk off the range and stop on the way out of the building to demand a refund.

  7. Pigg says:

    Tried hard to just ignore this didn’t he. Loved the students reaction.

  8. nonncom says:

    Sure you did….

  9. Pickles The Clown says:

    What. A. Fucking. Cunt.

  10. CC says:

    Familiarity breeds contempt…

  11. Walt says:

    Who puts their finger on the trigger unless your going to shoot ? Rule #1 don’t be a dumbass with a weapon am I right?

    • Elmo says:

      Especially with the hammer cocked (while he flaps his lips and stares into space).
      All I had to do was look at the screenshot to know this guy’s an idiot.

  12. C.R. says:

    Here is how you Don’t handle a center fire pistol …Next how not to use a 12 gauge !

  13. Hillbilly says:

    My 686 has a hair trigger, once that hammer’s cocked… and your’e not aiming it, you fucked up.

  14. RHT447 says:

    JAFRA. Just Another Fucking Range Ninja.

  15. Grandpa says:

    another graduate of the Jedburgh firearms academy. He should be glad he didn’t shoot himself in the fuckin head. He did get close

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