Airport cop suspended over United incident

An airport cop who body-slammed a United passenger and dragged him off an overbooked flight was put on leave today – as his bosses condemned his actions amid mounting outrage over video of the incident.
The Chicago Department of Aviation said it ‘obviously’ did not condone the behavior of the security officer who was filmed slamming the man into an arm rest, knocking him unconscious and dragging him away by his arms as he bled from the mouth at O’Hare.
United is facing growing anger after they selected the 69-year-old man – who claimed to be a doctor – to be bumped from the overbooked flight to Louisville to make room for its staff on Sunday night.
The airline’s CEO apologized today even as new video emerged of the man, who had refused to leave the flight, bleeding heavily from the mouth and mumbling about suicide in the aftermath of his brutal treatment.

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41 Responses to Airport cop suspended over United incident

  1. Anon says:

    Fag cops

  2. kimosaabe says:

    Suck it up buttercup.

  3. Terry says:

    This is pure bullshit on the part of United. I don’t give a shit what the terms and conditions on the ticket said. To pull this shit to make seats for a deadheading crew to cover a trip the next day is outrageous. And yes, I understand about duty hours and required rest periods. I spent most of my life working for airlines. The last one I worked at I was in a position to make operational calls. If something like this happened, either flight crew or having to move maintenance personnel having to recover an aircraft we called corporate aviation to move them. If the corporate aviation department couldn’t cover the trip, we chartered with an outside company.
    I hope United gets their ass sued off. And the scumbag that drug the passenger off. All morons. The idiots in flight control / crew management need to be fired. After someone beats their asses.
    Rant over, unless you would like some more.

    • Chris Mallory says:

      Serious question, the drive from Chicago to Louisville is roughly 5 hours. If there were no open seats on the plane, why not rent a van and have the office flunky drive the flight crew down? Hell, rent an RV and let them sleep all the way down. Am I just applying too much common sense to the matter? Or are the pilots such prima-donnas that they can’t ride for 5 hours?

      • Matt says:

        Not legal per the Federal Aviation Regulations. Years ago an Captain didn’t get adequate rest. She screwed up and killed fifty three people. You want your wife and kids to ride aboard an aircraft with an over tired crew?

        • Timbo says:

          Ok, so it’s “prima-donnas” then.
          It takes 5 hours to get to the airport and fly anywhere, so I’m not buying it.
          If a van ride over a flight puts you in a state where you might cause people to lose their lives, get another career!

          • Wirecutter says:

            Easy now, Matt’s a pilot. He’s taken his time to explain policy as he understands and interprets it, not making it.
            I agree that things should’ve been done differently but let’s not blame him for the actions of the police.

          • rick says:

            Timbo, you literally have no idea about commercial aviation duty cycles and how it can snowball. It is sort of the same for commercial OTR truck drivers.

        • POd American says:

          Forgot to mention this in my previously long response….I hope we can agree that the thug cop needs to be fired and go to jail for assault. Maybe if he were to serve some time behind bars for misdeed, someone kind soul there could teach him some manners.


          • Mike says:

            What needs to happen is for the damages to victims should be paid out of police retirement plans. That will put the cops in the position of having some skin in the game. You can bet they’ll start policing themselves and the bullies and incompetents will be out on their collective asses.

            • rick says:

              Exposing individual LEO to tort liability is my idea.

            • bikermailman says:

              Thanks for that. I’ve long advocated for this, and the politician’s pockets when applicable. Neither gives a damn while slamming people’s civil and common sense rights, when it’s just one more thing to shove off on the taxpayer.

            • StBernardnot says:

              Now there’s an idea! Apply it nationally!

            • JeremyR says:

              Partly agree, first though the offending cop should be made a a pauper. After that, slam the union… HARD!

        • Jeffery in Alabama says:

          Regardless of regulations or which crew-member needs a ride, this was handled entirely in a bassackwards fashion. The report I saw stated United asked for volunteers to surrender a seat. Nobody did. Then, this poor doctor was the unlucky winner of disembark lotto. He was supposedly chosen by a “computer” at random. He protests being removed from the plane and United “hissed” their enforcer on him (who definitely used excessive force). Airline policy traditionally has been to “up the ante” in the form of cash, free airline tickets, etc., until someone is compelled to surrender their seat for another flight. Imagine if you or a loved one were headed home for the purpose of visiting the deathbed of very close friend or family. I would not want to give up my seat under those circumstances. This is an airline problem and not a passenger problem. I hope it “haunts” United. I have a feeling they will have plenty of empty seats in the very near future and the good doctor will receive a nice settlement.

        • Chris Mallory says:

          They roll into the hotel at 8 pm and can’t get enough rest before 6 am the next morning? If 8 hours of sleep makes them overtired maybe they should retire.

          • rick says:

            Direct your complaint to Fed regs which dictate duty cycle. It has to do with ‘rest’ and indirectly about actual sleep

      • JeremyR says:

        By the same token, the airline could have rented a party patrol, a stretch limo with plenty of room, and driven some passengers down with stops at a couple of good hot spots for meals. I’d bet if they’d have offered, the plane might have had a bunch of room, and it would sure be cheaper than over night accommodations and the cash they shell out to make people happy.

  4. Ed says:

    Definitely action beyond the pale. They are authorized to pay up to $1350 for bumping you on a domestic flight, I bet the cheap bastards wish they’d spent the extra $550 over what they offered, it would have saved a Million or more in bad P.R.! I guarantee someone would have taken the $1350 and prevented this schitte-storm.

    How freaking stoopid of them to board and seat passengers and THEN decide they needed the space for employees! They should never have started the boarding process until all of that was worked out. 7 P’s: Proper Prior Planning Prevents Piss-Poor Pr!

  5. Walt says:

    Airport cops are one step up from being a mall cop. They’re usually retired or formerly “real” cops who now roam around the terminals telling war stories to their buds and playing tough to old people.
    Don’t ask me how I know this. And no I wasn’t one of them.

    • JeremyR says:

      The security at Joe Foss in Sioux Falls was made up of a bunch of wanna be rejects. Has beens would have been an improvement.

  6. Mike says:

    Shit like this will keep happening until the perpetrators start to bleed for their actions.

  7. JJ says:

    I’d say that Fake Wannabe Cop has earned a solid ass whipping, hopefully his new fame will bring him just that.

  8. Steve says:

    I note that the article has a Chicago Police statement claiming the victim “fell”, and later retracted it. Looking at the pictures, he was worked over.
    I haven’t heard that one since the military, where “he fell out of the rack”.

  9. Dickweed says:

    Be a tad bit ironic if this suspended airline cop ever needed a Dr and the only one on call was the guy he treated like shit. Or maybe one of his buddies.

    My retired AF Uncle told me before I went in the Army. Never piss off the cooks, medics or supply sargeant. In fact he said make them your best friends and you will always get what you need or damn close to it.

  10. Tom W. says:

    I was reminded of the old black and white war era movies where transportation thugs would ask passengers “your papers please.” Or “are your papers in order?”

    What was considered totalitarian and it could never happen in this country , well has come to fruition.

    I hope he gets Dewey, Rippem, and How law firm along with Al Bendova as a Dr. And United pays a fat judgement for these gestapo tactics.

    And if what I read the victim is a real Doctor? Add another zero or two in punitive damages.

    Fuck this shit.

    Fire the asshole cop. And fine the asshole policy for dead heading crew to Louisville at the expense of physically removing paid passengers like this.

  11. Todd says:

    He made a conscious decision to fly so therefor he got what he deserved.
    Anyone and I mean ever man, women and child deserves to be treated
    like animals if they choose to fly especially molestation by government perverts.

  12. Brian Bell says:

    Meet the new CEO and owner of United Airlines.

  13. Guairdean says:

    A pilot friend (now retired) says it was sheer stupidity on United’s part. They’re supposed to just up the offer until people volunteer. He also said it’s illegal to forcibly remove a ticketed passenger unless they’re under arrest by a commissioned police officer. It sounds like United is going to be writing several large checks.

    • rick says:

      Under Federal regulation, the Capt is responsible for, and is the final authority, to the operation of the flight. The cabin crew are required crew members and act under the authority of the Capt. The Capt may direct crew to physically confine, including handcuff, any person on that flight. He may also physically remove a person from the flight. However, at that point it is better to have law enforcement do that when able.

      A person does not need to be under arrest by LEO. If the Capt says you’re gone, you’re gone even if for no reason apparent. Although he’ll have to explain himself to a review board. And absolutely was this stupid of United. But it isn’t their first time.

  14. Middle Englander says:

    And here’s me just about to book with United for another trip over the pond! :-(

  15. Cabron says:

    Every time I have a bad airline experience I an going to think of that guys bloody face and think “eh it could be worse”.

  16. nonncom says:

    Whatever they (United) calculate they saved is gone in the wash of a settlement to avoid the courtroom….corporate wisdom at it’s finest….

  17. tweell says:

    United breaks guitars… and faces!

  18. Robert Fowler says:

    I would’ve took the $800 of the hotel room and bailed my ass off that thing.

  19. The sympathy the man ejected from the plane has received (first the other passengers, then the world in general) is, I think, due to the thought that “That could have been me”.

    The Daily Mail “Dr David Dao was convicted of giving a patient drugs in return for gay sex and barred from practicing in Louisville, KY. He was allowed back after anger management and other counselling – which revealed his mental state. It said that he had ‘a pattern of deception’, ‘lacked the foundation to navigate difficult situations’ a ‘need to control, avoidance, withholding information’ and ‘magical thinking’. ”

    Me, not so much. United caught an unearned break.

  20. Fred says:

    Anyone checked United stock lately?

    There’s a chart of the post-event dump at the link. Was down $800 million for a while there…..

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