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13 Responses to Awwww…..

  1. Padawan says:

    Seen in a dirty, hole in the wall Chinese food place once: those who don’t like cats haven’t had it prepared properly by us.

    • Cederq says:

      The “other” white meat?

      • Padawan says:

        Exactly. Tastes like chicken too.

        • Cederq says:

          I really don’t want to ask why you know that, but the dark side compels me to…

          • Padawan says:

            I work with foreign students who come from parts of Asia where it was either eat the neighbor’s cat or starve to death. I used to have a Korean student who’d come into the deli at my work every day where eating the local stray was an everyday part of his life for a while.

  2. Sunny says:

    Y’all are so bad! Truly bad. LOL

  3. Cederq says:

    Man, makes me wonder about our local “Panda Garden” Chinese Buffet around here…

  4. Cederq says:

    Umm, pork bellies? Naw, I would taste the pork, I keep complaining they don’t put out enough pork dishes, all the damn kitty/fake chicken crap…

  5. =T.W.= says:

    There was an article in the St.Cleve Chronicle & Linwell Advertiser of Friday Jan 7th 1972 entitled
    Horror hits Holiday-makers in Hong Kong relating a grissly (sic) occurrence involving a Pekinese named Fiona.

    You can look it up (if you still have the LP.)

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