Come and get me

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11 Responses to Come and get me

  1. Stretch says:

    OH! A few 81mm mortars to discourage foot traffic.
    A couple barrels of Foo Gas set into that rocky outcrop AND inside the tunnel.
    Add something “special’ behind gun-ports and you could keep the local gendarmerie in their place.

    • M. Sage says:

      Rig the last couple arches to blow. Let a couple squads onto the stairs before you take the arches down behind them. Just for giggles.

  2. Bagley says:

    I wonder how the fishing is?

  3. Granny says:

    From an engineering perspective, the whole place is magnificent. The causeway, after all these years, and regular pounding by rough seas is still in good nick.
    The castillo walls would be at least 4′ thick. Cold as witches tit in the winter, and not much light inside, but all things considered, if the fit hits the shan,a perfect bolt hole.
    Getting to Portugal might be a hassle.

  4. WoodBurner says:

    Durable Mason Art

  5. arc says:

    When shit was built to last…

  6. ExpatNJ says:

    Meets or exceeds the distance called for by the Tueller Drill …

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