Gotta get one when it’s my time

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10 Responses to Gotta get one when it’s my time

  1. Lisa Putney says:

    Order me up one also.

  2. ken says:

    it can be a time to celebrate!

  3. AbbyS says:

    I just want someone to dress as the grim reaper & stand next to the casket……

  4. Tom W. says:

    Putting the “Fun” back in Funeral.

    Why not?

    My plans for that day include my closest friends and family taking my ashes to sea on a big Viking Sport fishing boat at sunrise, finding a nice spot, cast me into the breeze,
    Than break out the offshore gear and catch fish, take the catch home and eat a delicious dinner. Say a toast.

  5. David says:

    I just want my wife to put some of my ashes in the chili so I can tear up her A$$ one more time……

  6. Jerry Tribble says:

    Every funeral ends in a party with food and relations plus friends swapping ghost stories. Perfect sign.

  7. Steve in KY says:

    Nancy Pelosi.

  8. Skip says:

    I told the ol’ lady to put me out on the curb on trash day.
    City will take care of the rest.

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