Kim Jong-un’s Good Morning Girl

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9 Responses to Kim Jong-un’s Good Morning Girl

  1. Bill says:

    She fills out the jeans and blouse well but I see a holster without a sidearm. What’s up with that?

  2. warhorse says:

    is that a gamma goat behind those gas tanks? and a cadillac-gage V-150 behind her?

  3. warhorse says:

    so I did a little digging…

    apparently a zoomie vet. good for her.

  4. M Gillen says:

    Charissa Littlejohn former Air Force model who dose a lot of “shoots” with guns on instagram.

  5. Douglas Sacry says:

    She looks to be a couple of feet taller that that porky midget!

  6. Cavguy says:

    Looks like the ass end of a goat to me. Shit I was looking around the yard too! Going all Cav scout and shit.

  7. Rebecca says:

    Ok boys , scroll through the pics:

  8. warhorse says:

    almost bought a gamma goat once. guy had one that was running but needed some minor work and new tires. then I got laid off and that money went to surviving instead of fun toys. my dad told me I would have been better off with a M274 mule, but those aren’t easy to find.

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