Oh man…..

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11 Responses to Oh man…..

  1. CorditeChris says:

    Maybe I am missing something, but a baby or a fetus does not breathe until it is born anyway!!??

  2. oye vey! luis says:

    Those ass wipes, yeah it’s ‘just a bunch of cells’, but what is it after it pops out at birth? or even when it’s growing in the mother?
    Then if it’s ‘ just a bunch of cells’ should be okay to perform a late term abortion on those idiots when they open their mouth and talk stupid ( it won’t be murder according to their thought ). Just a bunch of cells that formed stupid late and are of no use..

  3. fishdawg says:

    We lost 2 children. ! miscarriage and one near term. NOT FUNNY. AT ALL.

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