Okay, I don’t know what’s weirder…

A mother fears a burglar has eaten her son’s placenta after it was stolen from her freezer, alongside frozen meat.
Auckland mother Loralie Burns said she received the disturbing news from her former landlord on Saturday.
The 35-year-old recently moved houses within the suburb of Sunnyvale, but her washing machine and fridge-freezer were still at the old property.


…the burglar that took and possibly ate the placenta or the woman that kept it. Why in the hell would somebody keep that?

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9 Responses to Okay, I don’t know what’s weirder…

  1. Jared says:

    Placenta = stem cells

    Or something. If the kid gets seriously sick they can use it to cure him or her.

  2. Paul J says:

    Idiots save it to eat later. I knew a couple who invited their friends over for placenta lasagna. I am glad I wasn’t invited. After all, animals eat placenta and so should humans.

  3. bikermailman says:

    Someone probably beat me to this, but the answer is that it’s a thing among the hipster, power of crystals, moonbat crowd that eating placenta is healthy. Not only healthy, but cures every ailment wonder food. There’s recipes on how to cook it and everything. Why? Well, animals do it! And it’s full of blood n stuff! Yeah, so does organ meat. But meat is murder!

  4. AndyN says:

    I’ve never heard of someone keeping one at home, but there are companies that charge a fee to store them for you as a source of stem cells in case your child has a medical condition that there’s a stem cell therapy for.

  5. Concerned Mama says:

    Wouldn’t this be considered cannibalism? I wonder if Hannibal Lector has a section in his cookbook for this?

  6. Unforgiven says:

    It’s full of vitamins, minerals and lots of other stuff that science still cannot fully identify. A lot of women have severe depression after having a child that can become a serious threat to them and their children. It is believed by some that consumption of the placenta (by the mother) following child birth will help replenish some of what was lost to the child during pregnancy, aiding in an improved mental and physical recovery for the mother. I have personally dried, ground and filled gelatin capsules for my wife to take. If you don’t see a benefit in doing that, then don’t. If you have a problem with somebody else doing something that doesn’t infringe on your rights then perhaps you should take time to reconsider your malfunction.

    • Wirecutter says:

      No need to get all huffy, friend.
      Thinking something is weird and having a “problem with something that doesn’t interfere with your Rights” is two completely different things.
      Hell, I think homosexuality is weird but it doesn’t interfere with my Rights and I think everybody here knows I don’t give a shit about who’s fucking who. Some of my readers feel the same way about tattoos but the fact that I’m heavily tattooed doesn’t stop them from coming to my site and enjoying themselves.

  7. Lofty says:

    Heh, if I may Ken.

    Here in New Zealand it is a common Maori practice to bury the placenta, with some ceremony and gravitas, it would have been frozen awaiting the right time.

    It most certainly is not eaten that I know of.

    If one did, what colour wings would be awarded?

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