I bought my first car when I was freshly discharged from the army in 1981. I was 22, it was a 1968 Plymouth Fury 4 door with a 383 big block and a radio that worked when it wanted to. If I recall correctly, it cost me 300 bucks and a quarter pound of Mexican weed.

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  1. nonncom says:

    Mine was a 53 Mercury Monterrey….4 doors, all with wing vents (handy at the Drive in…what is that?)….all my buds with the fancy 2 passenger sports cars were always trying to swap on Friday night…..cost me 235 bucks, no weed….1n 1966….

  2. Unclezip says:

    I built my first car in ’64. Pop drug two cars into the yard – ’50 and ’51 Chevy sedans, and said “the tools are in the garage”. I was thirteen at the time, and by summer’s end I had a working vehicle which I was not allowed to drive.

  3. pdwalker says:

    That wasn’t a car, it was a huge land boat.

  4. Exile1981 says:

    At 16 I had a 198? Ford escort 2 door hatchback. The nearest city was 300km away from our town. One weekend a month 4 or 5 of us would squeeze into that car and go to the city for the day.

  5. JeremyR says:

    LOL, that pic was snapped in front of the mall here in Manhattan KS. I offered to make a Styrofoam key to put on top for them. They were not impressed.
    My first car was a 67 Pontiac Catalina. I got it from my brother in law who had gotten it from the Henepin County Sheriff. It had 36 miles on the odometer. I asked if that was 100,036 miles or 200,036 miles. My BiL said it was likely 300,036. It was a rust bucket, but it ran like a top. I was the first kid in my class to have a car of my own. We’d fit six or seven of us in that thing for trips to the drive in. It was intended to be a work car for me. I was working construction and they expected us to show up early and have a means to get us and tools any where we were needed.
    I put another 100k on it then sold it to another BiL who used it for his fishing car for another 100k. He and my sister divorced about then, so I have no idea what happened to it.

  6. Got my first car when I was 14 1/2. Shoveled shit for a year and a half to pay for it at a Hatler ranch.
    It was a 69″ Dodge Dart.

  7. pigpen51 says:

    In 1978, at the age of 18, I bought a 1971 Ford Galaxy 500 4 door, with the 351 Cleveland block. It ran like a dream, I don’t know what kind of gas mileage it got, but it was bad. I drove it 70 plus miles a day to work. And we have a drive in about 10 miles away from us as well. 4 screens, each showing a double feature. They opened up last Friday night. They threatened to close a few years ago, and the people came out in droves so they stayed open.

  8. Ag says:

    My first was a 1965 Mustang – 289 with a 3 on the floor. It had 250,000 miles on it when I bought it, and was not road worthy. But, some redneck adjusting, etc and I ran that car for 3 years until I was blind sided by a school bus on the way to school.

    • Wirecutter says:

      Yeah, I wrecked my Fury when I wrapped it around a peach tree when I was out in the country practicing my drunk driving. A wrecker showed up not 5 minutes later and offered to pull me out before the law got there in exchange for the engine.

  9. Hanzo says:

    “1968 Plymouth Fury 4 door with a 383 big block ”

    That’s funny, my friends and I (I’m 1 year younger than you) used to tool around in a ’68 Mercury 4 door that was a lot like your car. Damn thing would plow right through 7-8″ of snow, no problem.

  10. Bought my 1st one while in high school in the late fifties, a quite a bit more than slightly used ’49 Kaiser for 49 bucks.

  11. Mike Papa says:

    So your 1st car cost $325? Lmao. I know u get it….

    Bought my 1st car when i was 22yrs old. 1989 mercury cougar. Cost me 2k.

    • Wirecutter says:

      I think a QP at the time was going for $125. I know I was paying $350 a pound if I bought it by the pound, cheaper if I bought it 5 at a time.

  12. H says:

    When I turned 16 and got my license, I asked Daddy what kind of car he thought we’d be getting me. He rolled down his newspaper and said Son, we’ll get you whatever kind of car you can afford, then rolled his newspaper back up and left me alone to assimilate that bit of information.

    So I went to looking around and found it. It was a 1965 Ford Galaxy 500 convertible, and it was beautiful. I can see that car yet today and still lust after it. Straight body, red with black top, factory styled wheels, buckets, console, the works. And, it had the chief advantage of, I had the money, which was $500. This was the summer of 1970. I told Daddy, I found it, lets go have a look.

    He rolled his newspaper down and gave me “that look” for about fifteen seconds, said all right, put his shoes on and off we went. Now, Daddy didn’t believe in giving kids too much information all at one time. He’d tell you part of it, and when he thought you had assimilated that much, he’d give you a little more, until finally you’d learned it all.

    So when we got to where the car was, he didn’t get any closer than 20 feet from that Ford when he saw that 352 engine badge on the fender, and he said, let’s go home, and on the way back, gave me the next piece of the puzzle, which was, we’ll get you whatever kind of car you can afford, as long as it doesn’t have too big of an engine.

    There were a few more pieces of the puzzle to be assimilated one piece at a time before we finally ended up getting me a 1960 VW bug that was perfect for Daddy’s purposes (my purposes were not under consideration). 36 HP with a top end of 62 MPH so it didn’t go too fast and you couldn’t haul too many hoodlum kids in it. At least the sumbitch ran upon demand, even if the heater didn’t.

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