They just don’t get it

WASHINGTON — A group of top Democratic Party strategists have used new data about last year’s presidential election to reach a startling conclusion about why Hillary Clinton lost. Now they just need to persuade the rest of the party they’re right.

Many Democrats have a shorthand explanation for Clinton’s defeat: Her base didn’t turn out, Donald Trump’s did and the difference was too much to overcome.

But new information shows that Clinton had a much bigger problem with voters who had supported President Barack Obama in 2012 but backed Trump four years later.

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11 Responses to They just don’t get it

  1. paulb says:

    the fact they ran a wooden candidate with less charisma than river rock had nothing to do with it. Idiots, each and every one.

  2. Judy says:

    Uh…They still don’t get it do they?

  3. crazyeighter says:

    How about Hillary lost because she’s a thoroughly unlikable shrill screeching harpy that ran on a platform of continuing Obama’s legacy, increased taxed and more gun control?

    • POd American says:

      In all honesty, Obama used the same tactics and “he” won. Did the same thing….screeched like a homo, ran on a platform of Hopey Changey, increased taxes and constantly went after our guns.

      Do you suppose that it’s really just a simple as: she’s just a nasty disgusting criminal cunt that no one likes or wants around?

    • sk6actual says:

      Not to mention the loss of moral direction with and following Benghazi, the total disregard for security protocol, the despotism within the Clinton Foundation financial tentacles, the Clinton Foundation in general, sale of 25% of America’s uranium assets to Russia, at minimum 45 ‘friends’ that just went POOF!, … sorry, I’m out of time to continue.

  4. JeremyR says:

    Translation, HiLlARy was so bad that many of the core democrats decided to stay dead this election.
    On the flip side, Chiraq has registered 191 new democrap voters since January.

  5. Bud says:

    to add my own unedjumicated opinion, i don’t want them to get it. i want them to quadruple down on the stupid & hopefully enough people will open their eyes & see how overwhelmingly bat-shit demented & power mad they are. democrats=totalitarianism. about 165 million people like you & me were slaughtered by that ‘ism’ last century. re-elect crazy pelosi as minority speaker? yay! obama shocks liberals by pocketing $400,000 (his prez salary/year) for a speech? great! keep yappin that trap maxine, hilLIARy & ‘chuckles’ schumer! that doesn’t mean i’m a fan-boy of the repub cucks either

    • Elmo says:

      And send radical Reconquista-Racist Tom Perez to go out and screech like a foul-mouth banshee about the people that elected Trump. Yeah, that’ll work.

  6. MMinLamesa says:

    So their dilemma is whether they continue feeding most of the bullshit & lies to the FSA/socialist base of their party to keep them on board or come up with another line of bullshit to try and coerce less radical REgressives that they really have their best interests at heart.

    The truth is there is only one party in DC and their goal to is to stay in power, keep the money rolling in to the interests that fund them and enrich themselves. Win or lose, Ds or Rs play this game. This is why Trump, who is already wealthy and beholding to no one is their nightmare.

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