Yeah, who the hell knows…

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  1. Unclezip says:


  2. bogsidebunny says:

    Red = Hormone imbalance, yeast infections and they split their favorite yoga pants bending over to pick up their cheese cake at the supermarket.

  3. Deb says:

    Seems about right.

  4. buzz1949 says:

    Hormones. Dats da trufe.

  5. JustJJ says:

    Red = Why Pot should be legal…

  6. Jerry Tribble says:

    They ask questions that you can’t answer correctly.

  7. gsebes says:

    Retreat to a safe distance and throw chocolate!

  8. Critter says:

    That’s the evil leaking out.

  9. susan says:

    this post made me cry….a little bit.

  10. bocopro says:

    Milady is Pinay, and over the past half century with her I’ve discovered that that particular ethnic group loves to (1) cry, (2) sing, (3) dance, (4) eat, purty much in that order.

    But the women DO love to cry — my theory is that it gives ’em a reason to get together in gender commiseration, which provides a communal release, which is generally reason to sing, which tends to lead to dancing, which begets appetite for eating . . . thus completing the eternal cycle until the next crisis du jour.

    It’s an inescapable limbic imperative, one of the fundamental cornerstones defining the cultural characteristics of that archipelago.

  11. Padawan says:

    No. Not always. At least not in my case anyways.

    • warhorse says:

      I keep telling you one of these days you’re going to tell me nothings wrong, and I’ll believe you just to avoid the hassle of dragging it out of you every damn time.

      • pdwalker says:

        I tried believing the missus once when she said there was nothing wrong.

        Oh Boy, was I Wrong!

  12. Angel says:

    I’m normally very easygoing, but when I’m pushed beyond my limit, I do this crazy laugh/cry thing that even freaks me out.

    • Gnome Sane says:

      It’s best to have a series of small nervous breakdowns rather than the big one all at once.

  13. Women don’t belch, spit, or fart so crying and bitching keeps them from exploding.

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