A woman that can’t make a bed…..

That’s the politest Drill I have ever seen – he didn’t motherfuck her not even once and the bunk never hit the floor. Fuck-iiing Aaaamazing, as Drill Sergeant Nelson used to say.

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  1. loaded4bear says:

    I’m just guessing here, but I’ll bet a DI, who knows he is on camera talking to a reporter, uses a little different method and language than he does with his recruits.

  2. bogsidebunny says:

    Gee the fart sacks have improved in quality in the 55 years since I went through this drill.

    • SemperFi, 0321 says:

      Yeah, those blue farts sacks look like Navy issue. Ours were off white.
      Same exact bunks and mattresses we had 45 yrs ago at MCRD SanDiego.
      Looks like they hang all their 782 gear on their bunk, ours all fit in the footlocker, we had nothing but towel, laundry bag and M-14 on one end. We had the solid bicycle lock on our M-14’s, guess those don’t work on an M-16 receiver.

  3. obsessivecompulsivehater says:

    Now do it while its flying thru the air like senior drill instructor Tores taught me.

  4. David says:

    I myself viably remember my time at Ft Dix as a Puke 4th class with a MOS of Expert Shithead. While there, I witnessed a lot of guys who had NEVER made a bed before! So as you can guess. A whole lot of folks had a very difficult time in their initiation period of their military experience.

    My Dad a retired Army Drill Sgt. on the other hand. Had kindly shown me beforehand on how to do it properly. It just shows that some thing never change in the Army. As he had been in the Korean War and E.T.S. in the early 60’s.

    So I was never gigged for that sin. I just got nailed for a whole lot of other things. But I I am still extremely grateful to him for that!

  5. Jerry Tribble says:

    This has to be a training video for pun-tang recruits or she is a news reporter playing Marine for Today. Her hair is not regulation and clothes look like some high school kid’s. The DI is thinking about a blowjob.

  6. Daryl says:

    Didn’t want her to cry.

    • No,No, No. they want you to cry. It allows them to use a whole ‘nother vocabulary( and level of volume) when “chatting” with you. At least 50 years ago that held true.

  7. Woody says:

    The powers made it so DI’s couldn’t cuss long ago. He says at one point “Freaking” which is used in place of “fucking” can’t have people crying to their mommies about bad words.

    What the fuck is AYE Sir it’s Aye Aye SIR.

    Lastly you can see why DI’s are always pissed, recruits just like the reporter need constant instruction throughout the process as she was unable to continue making hospital corners.

    • Wirecutter says:

      My Drill Sergeants would be speechless if they couldn’t cuss. Hell Heck, they taught me words and expressions I had never heard before.

  8. Unclezip says:

    “He said freakin’!”. Damn, that’s funny. I tend to forget how much fun I had as an NCO.

  9. robert says:

    See several things wrong with this picture. Must be Paris Island Marines

  10. JeremyR says:

    I don’t care if she can or can’t make a bed, as long as she can mess it up real good…..

  11. General P. Malaise says:

    do I have some stories from boot camp. I still shit myself laughing.

    one time the drill Sargent cussed out the recruit and told him to through his boots out the window into the snow because he had done such a piss poor polish job. The sound of breaking glass followed by more screaming at the recruit to open the fuckin window next time.

  12. Buzzy says:

    head end is the wrong way (bunk should go fling and start over)

  13. Kris says:

    Yoga pants. Now I have seen everything.

  14. pdwalker says:

    I was fortunate in that my mother prepped me in the art of making the bed perfect. I mean, razor sharp perfect. I never had to shine my boots or iron my uniform because I made just about everyone’s bed.

  15. idaho bob says:

    Same bunks that we had, back in ’67. New building though, we had barracks built in 1942 for “temporary” use. Building heat and hot water was with coal boilers. I know, I volunteered to be a “fireman”. After my shift, I was one of the few that had a hot shower.


  16. Eric Terry says:

    My D.I. use to come in the morning and if we were still sleeping he’d flick the lights on and scream “Out fucking standing privates, get the fuck up!!!”

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