California Gun Control in action – behind closed doors

California’s Department of Justice (DOJ) is working on 60 pages of regulatory changes for “assault weapons” and “high capacity” magazines behind closed doors.
The California DOJ was forced to turn over documentation related to the changes because of public records request that the Firearms Policy Coalition and the California Rifle and Pistol Association made. obtained and then published the regulatory changes, which include a revamped online registration system to allow Californians to register their “assault weapons” prior to January 1, 2018, when California’s latest “assault weapons” ban takes effect. The Firearms Policy Coalition reports this ban requires registration of all “assault weapons” outfitted with “bullet buttons” for magazine release.

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23 Responses to California Gun Control in action – behind closed doors

  1. bogsidebunny says:

    You were very wise to leave the shit-head State, Wirecutter!

    Pray for the 9.9 quake.

  2. juju2434 says:

    The more the Kalifornia fuckheads puts up with this “behind closed doors” bullshit , the more moonbeam and buddies are going to keep right on shoving that big dick up their asses. It’s going to be fun to watch

  3. Mike Papa says:

    Wait. You PAY THEM $15 to register your private property?

    I heard 20% of CA residents are gun owners. This is what democracy looks like. Where 51% can fuck the other 49.

    Our country is set up as a Constitutional Republic. This should not be happening in America.

    • Elmo says:

      Unfortunately, 90% of the 20% of the Californians that own guns will not lift a finger or spend a dime to fight the tyranny that is being forced upon them. And the rest of us Californians will get what THEY deserve.

  4. Elmo says:

    A little background for those living in Free States-

    The CA Assembly bill referred to here was originally a “groundwater sustainabilty’ bill that was gutted and amended to avoid the committee process, then signed into law by Moonbeam on the same day he left for Paris on a two week vacation.
    They pulled the same shenanigans at the same time to create the ammunition registry. It was originally a bill to combat global warming.

    The lesson here is to pay attention to what’s going on in your state legislature. I can guarantee you the Statists are going to be attempting to pull this same crap in other states.

  5. Tennessee Budd says:

    Let me guess–anything breech-loading is now an “assault weapon”, and “high-capacity magazine” may mean a shot pouch. Covers everybody.

  6. Eyeswideopen says:

    Well, to California Readers…
    If you choose to stay behind enemy lines, and submitt to this BS, expect to be treated as such, The Enemy. You are a Enabler of these Crimes. Therefor, you are guilty of helping them
    I have no sympathy !! NONE!!! ZERO!!
    I have more respect for a pile of dog shit than those that enable Traitors.
    Leave!!! LEAVE the State, There is ALWAYS A WAY OUT!!! ALWAYS!!!
    California is forever lost, and to Pretend otherwise IS JUST THAT

    • Wirecutter says:

      You never lived there, huh? If you did you’d know that one of the hardest things about leaving California is that it’s so expensive to live there, you can’t save up enough money to leave. If it hadn’t been for me retiring I’d still be there.

      Not only that but what about folks that have been at the same job for 18 years and are 2 years from being eligible for a pension? Are they going to throw 18 years away and start over? Would you?

      That’s just one example and I can think of dozens more why conservatives are trapped there. It’s easy to talk shit when you’re not in that position.

      • bill says:

        I gave up a good job to leave the Northeast. We burned through all of our retirement savings and said goodbye to family we knew would never visit us. Fortunately my better half has great credentials and can get work anywhere. I had to start over from the bottom. We persisted and by the grace of God are finally are able to start saving again. I miss some of the good people. Miss all of the good food. But I could never ever live in a blue hive again. It would kill me. I will never be able to retire. I will probably die on my job. But I was dying a lot everyday in the blue hive. But if I had 18 years in with a pension to count on, I would have NOT been able to leave. For us it was a ballsy move. But only some money to lose. Money is not everything. Lots of sleepless nights, tears, and some fights. But as I said, by the grace of God we persisted.

      • David says:

        Sounds like my situation here as one of the few Los Angeles born natives left here. Who also has been here for almost now 60 years. Also my Son (who is a lot smarter than me) is beating feet out of here.

        By the by I also spend some of my hard earned cash fighting these real Nazis, am a life member of the NRA. That and I do all the petitions that are sent to me on my email.

        I am also just waiting for Mom to go home to Dad & her reward. While taking care of her. That and for the Boss to finally retire from her job.

        So as is it usually is SIR. Life is usually more complex than some folks understand about other folks lives. Nothing personal by the way. I have misspoke a few times sometimes myself.

    • Elmo says:

      And then there are people whose families have owned ranches in California since the mid 1800’s, who can’t leave without relinquishing their heritage. That might be worth staying and fighting for.

      • somedude says:

        CA will tax private well water….already in motion. CA does not ranches, rather have 400-1.5 million USD SFRs with zero lot lines…..more tax revenue.

    • warhorse says:

      so, someone with zero money can hit you up with a bill for moving expenses, right?

      instead of damning them!! Defy-Resist-Evade-Smuggle-Sabotage

      once they put up this online registry, I’m going to make sure to register a BAR, an AK, and several AR’s to every asshole who voted for it. then I’m going to mail cheap magazines to all of them, and suggest they arrest themselves. (mike vanderboegh used to do it..there is no reason other people can’t continue the practice!)

    • rayvet says:

      Sure, running is always an option. But as Americans, wouldn’t we be more true to our heritage if we stood our ground and fought? I mean what happens if every pro 2a person starts buying weapons, ignores all these new laws and makes life very difficult for the gestapo enforcers? Do you think they have enough manpower in that state if automatically, 20% or more of the population becomes criminals? I don’t. It won’t be a quick clean battle, but if enough people caused enough friction and forced the outing (to the rest of the country, not the other libterds that live in that hell hole of a state) of these anti constitutionalists, then maybe someday the war could be won. BTW it is a war. To deny that is just stupid talk.

  7. Eastwood says:

    So a .308 bolt action with a 4 round box mag that drops( A practical under any circumstances; deer rifle) with a release not breach load would fall under same law. California ban yourself. You look too much like a high capacity magazine.

  8. Skip says:

    The vast majority of us that cannot leave will be outlaws. The state does not have the resources to enforce it, and most Leo’s won’t .
    When/if they try…it will get rather sporty.
    No more Wacos.

  9. QP says:

    Compliance with the Australian registration and confiscation is estimated at 15% – 20%.

  10. Sanders says:

    Just say, “NO!”

    If anyone who reads this blog is from New Mexico, all you have to do is look at Kalifornia’s legislative agenda to see what will be on New Mexico’s legislative agenda in the next session.

    Get out of Kalifornia? Yeah, they are – and going to states around it to try and change them into Kalifornia. It isn’t all good folks who are migrating away from there.

  11. somedude says:

    just remember Anti GUN CA Democrat Leland Lee, caught running mil grade small arms and shoulder fired rockets for the Asian gangs.

  12. GI-had Joe says:

    Unfortunately, we in Kalifornia have strayed far from the principles and promises of the republic as construed by our founders. If you spent any time reading this document you wiould be quick to understand the all intrusive and controlling purpose of its creators. The administrative state is omnipotent and intent on complete control and it won’t stop here. Fortunately for me, I have accepted a great job in Utah and leave this Tuesday to purchase a home. I will be there long before the soul grabbers come for me.

  13. dawg417 says:

    Just for information too, California lawmakers have now exempted themselves from all gun laws enacted by them on us. Jerry’s kids still going strong.

  14. If they think they can regulate the guns away, they are fucking idiots. Hell, we all KNOW they are fucking idiots.

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