Holy shit!

If only the principal or other administrators and teachers at Holmes Park Elementary in Sapulpa, OK had any warning signs that Megan Sloan might be a massive drug addict… If any possible red flag was apparent — ANYTHING — then they could have prevented her from bringing meth, heroin and 40 syringes into her second grade classroom. But alas, there were no warning signs. Just look at her mug shot. It is the face of innocence.

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10 Responses to Holy shit!

  1. Brian says:

    Holy crap! It looks like she was playing bobbing for french fries.

    • Paul Dellechiaie says:

      Or bobbing for lobsters. (Hot or cold version.)

      Hot version — boiling water.

      Cold version — Cold water with live lobsters with unrestrained claws.

  2. Exile1981 says:

    She gave her notice 2 weeks before they charged her. I’m going with she knew she wouldn’t be able to teach next year

  3. Family Tradition says:

    My wifes grandson was in her class. Sapulpa is not a desirable town to live in. Lot’s of drugs and in a corruptable county.

  4. D S Craft says:

    Oh, ‘cmon, it’s just bad lighting in the photo. Anybody can be made to look bad if the lighting is wrong. Heh.

  5. Pigg says:

    No parent noticed as well? Free babysitter I guess trumps all now days, regardless of who is doing this task.

  6. ed357 says:

    I clicked on the story real quick……

    only to be disappointed…..

    I’d never seen a second grader that was a meth addict……and so it remains.

  7. She may have gotten addicted AFTER starting to teach.. Lord knows that I’d be an alcoholic by now, if I’d stuck with the teacher education major and wound up in elementary ed.

  8. You shouldn’t be so quick to judge. It could’ve been herpes, you know.

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