I’m sure she’s taken, men


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12 Responses to I’m sure she’s taken, men

  1. ignore amos says:

    #2 has a nice right hook!

  2. ignore amos says:

    #13 has a booger hook

  3. Elmo says:

    That beer holding babe closest to the camera looks determined. I wouldn’t bet against her.
    Not to mention she’s pretty fine, too.

  4. Dolt says:

    I like the second one a lot. You need to find more like her.

  5. Dolt says:

    And the second from the bottom still claims she doesn’t fart.

  6. Mad Jack says:

    I want the bow and arrow chick.

  7. vorkosigan says:

    Would not take #5 on a bet.. Hot street bike, NO protective gear whatsoever, except for helmet, not even boots–those long legs would sure look lovely after a 40 mph encounter with asphalt– like you took a belt sander with 60 grit to them.

  8. Okie says:

    Sportbike girl is a turn on except for her lack of PPE gear. It’s hard to put the “goods” on display with all the leather and Kevlar obstructing the view. The fact that a woman can operate the many controls while negotiating traffic and manage not to become worm food is amazing. I know they exist, kinda like unicorns….
    Power, speed and explosive acceleration are a dangerous combination.

  9. pdwalker says:

    great selection this week Dude!

  10. Critter says:

    Das ist eine schoerne frauleinpolitzei.

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