Oh, those sneaky jedburgers…..


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9 Responses to Oh, those sneaky jedburgers…..

  1. omlE says:

    Slick! No bug out bag should be without a pair.

  2. Kevin Strawbridge says:

    That’s got to pinch in the toes.

  3. Mac says:

    Except even a relatively useless tracker like myself would wonder about the heel looking like a toe strike

  4. ignore amos says:

    Do they come in blue?

  5. Okie says:

    They’re only 350 dollars a pair for members of the Jedburgh super secret double naught spy club…

  6. Stupid actually. The pressure would still be on the heel and not on the toes.

  7. Peter says:

    They’re yellow so that when a Jedburger pisses himself, nobody can tell.

    Man, that Sammy thinks of everything!

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