So apparently all airlines suck

A family claim they were kicked off a JetBlue plane because the birthday cake was deemed a ‘security risk’.
Cameron Burke, his wife and two children were flying to Las Vegas from JFK on May 3 to celebrate his wife’s 40th birthday – and they brought a buttercream cake with them.
But after they say they received conflicting advice about where they could store it a disagreement developed and they were ordered off the flight.
The airline claims the family stored it in areas that were ‘improper’ – an overhead bin for safety equipment – and refused to move it. But the family say they followed all the cabin crew’s instructions.
Even after Port Authority officers called to the scene deemed ‘no wrongdoing’ on the part of the family, as see in a video obtained by ABC 7 NY, airline staff nonetheless forced them to exit the plane.

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21 Responses to So apparently all airlines suck

  1. Buy a cake in Las Vegas next time. Who the hell takes a cake on a plane?

    • Buttercream says:

      Bullshit. Saw this kind of unfortunate comment several times under the article, then again here from you and from Grandpa.

      You don’t know their story. You don’t know why they brought their own cake. Who the fuck are you to tell them what they should or shouldn’t take on a plane?

      They passed through airline check-in, they passed through security (so the cake was scanned), the boarding staff saw their carry on items. Their cake wasn’t bothering anyone except that stupid second flight attendant.

      Again, who the fuck are you, or Grandpa, to tell another American where they should buy their fucking cake?

      • Wirecutter says:

        Lighten up please, everybody has their own opinion. While I agree with you, there’s no need to get nasty.

        • Buttercream says:

          Okay, sorry Ken. Had something similar happen to family recently, I let the comments push my button.

          Did you see the comments at the end of the article though? Holy crap. I don’t avoid flying only because of the airlines or even the TSA, but because of the other passengers.

  2. PawPaw says:

    Yeah, since 9/11/2001 all airline travel sucks. I remember when a traveler could walk through a terminal, but a ticket and get on a plane with nary a government functionary in sight. Those days are long gone. Nowadays, I don’t fly anywhere that I can drive two in two days.

  3. Grandpa says:

    You can (surprisingly…) purchase a buttercream cake in Vegas – a real good one, and they’ll deliver it – once you get there. You want to take a buttercream cake on the airplane with you, you’re a fucking imbecile. I have had to deal with this type of moron for years (“my wife’s heart medication is in our checked luggage… it’s a black 22′ roller suitcase… ) Are you kidding me? I have almost 200 of those on this airplane, it’s 4 minutes before departure – and even if it wasn’t breaking a federal law, I STILL wouldn’t go get the meds the stupid shit should have in her purse. Fuck. We live in a country populated by empowered, entitled, idiots. Flying at 35,000 feet at 600 mph in a pressurized aluminum tube is not a “right”.
    I don’t care what the fuck you paid for, the 157 other people on the fucking airplane are just as important as you. So much for me trying not to cuss.
    The fucking culling of the herd can’t start soon enough.

    • Wirecutter says:

      My issue is not what they had on the plane but the attendant’s having their heads up their asses and delaying a plane for no real reason, then forcing the folks’ off even after they cooperated with the instructions.

      • Dickweed says:

        I guess next thing we will see is the airline companies becoming a extension of Homeland Security to include pilots, baggage handlers and flight attendants. The .gov will say it’s for safety but really just for control. More Atlas Shrugged and 1984 coming soon..

      • Grandpa says:

        I get it, brother; but there’s always another side. And that other side is the ‘what else is going on’; which we don’t know. As for the cake “clearing security” as ‘buttercream’ has commented, as much as DHS/TSA claims it is safe; you’d be fucking amazed at what those assholes miss. And for those of us who work for an airline; the on the job stress level is at times a bit burdensome, knowing that it’s what gets missed that kills folks.
        And as for “buttercream” wondering who I am – I am an opinionated, hard working veteran; who – as an American – invites you to take your question of “who am I to…” and shove it up your ass. Kenny, Lisa, Wisco, et al; know who I am – I got no idea who the fuck you are. But you appear to be the same type that would require a bakery to bake a wedding cake for a gay couple, because they’re “entitled” – because “who are they to say where they can or can’t buy their cake…”
        Liberty means that we as Americans can tell people “no.”

        • Cederq says:

          You tell ’em Grandpa, I am an old irrascable old fart too, and be damned somebody ask me that, same reply!

          • Grandpa says:

            …thanks Cederq. “allied in grumpiness”… I’ll take a shot of screw ’em – make it a double.

  4. Sendarius says:

    Many, many moons ago, my friends and I boarded a ‘plane for home after a shooting competition.

    One of our party had placed fairly well, and picked up a nice knife from the prize table. Needing both hands for his luggage, he stuffed it (sheathed) into his waistband as we rushed to the airport to make our flight.

    We ran through the concourse, through “security”, across the tarmac, and up the stairs to the ‘plane. He remembered the knife when he sat down.

    Imagine – a 14″ Bowie-style knife in a lovely leather sheath, on a ‘plane. It’s amazing that we all survived. /sarc

    Now, TEOTWAWKI is heralded by somebody carrying a cake onto a ‘plane. How low we have fallen.

  5. JeremyR says:

    A friend of mine was traveling with a group. He had a Buck knife on his belt. Big mistake. They made him discard the knife. The M-4s and M-9s? No problem, but that pesky little Buck knife ?
    Yes, they are THAT stoopid.

    • pdwalker says:

      The airlines in Asia used to be like that. Just hand it over to a flight attendant and they’ll give it to you on the way back.

      Now? a nail clipper is likely to cause the plane to explode in mid air, apparently.

  6. Buttercream says:

    They have no basis and no right to make anyone discard anything non-flammable. Check it, secure it, sure, but not discard it.

  7. rayvet says:

    Story says the family became confrontational. Wouldn’t be surprised. Probably some white trash that thinks they’re special. didn’t want their valuable “cake” getting crushed, squashed or damaged by keeping it with the rest of our peon’s stuff. I don’t trust these stories. Have you folks seen travelers these days and they “manner” in which they travel? Makes you embarrassed to be part of the human race. Friggin people wearing pajamas on planes, feet up on seats in front of them, chewing gum like cows chew cud. Nope, as far as I’m concerned almost all these cases coming to light lately are people looking for their 10 seconds of fame and/or a payout. That’s exactly how shitty the human condition has become.

    • JeremyR says:

      There is video, and none of it shows the family being any thing but nice. This is a case of abuse yet again. Must be union marching orders.

  8. Chris Mallory says:

    I would suspect this is a case of a couple trying to hit the ghetto lottery.

    But what kind of idiot do you have to be to take a birthday cake on a crowded airplane and expect it to look anywhere near the same once you get to your destination. Then I saw the picture of the grown woman wearing a birthday crown in public and I knew what kind of entitled idiot she was.

  9. Jared says:

    Damn, we got strong opinions on cake.

    We gave up flying because I’m likely to go to jail if some tsa agent tries to feel up my 8 year old son.

  10. grayjohn says:

    What’s the difference between a professional flight crew and a bunch of tin pot, authoritarian pricks who can’t say “sorry we were wrong”? Answer: Not much.

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