Sorry ’bout that

A Miami-Dade County Parks and Recreation officer ran over three Crandon Park beachgoers with his county truck as they lay on the sand Friday evening, Miami-Dade police said.

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3 Responses to Sorry ’bout that

  1. Cavguy says:

    That’s gunna leave a mark

  2. pigpen51 says:

    My ex-brother in law was in Nam, came back in from the bush, and just set up on the ground next to a row of cots to sleep the rest of the night. A tank came through and ran just along the row of cots, and ran over him. The only thing that saved him was the ground was muddy, so he was squished down into it. All he got was a sprained ankle, and a good story. He met my other bil, that married his sister, at the airport, he was headed back home, and the brother in law #2 was headed over to Vietnam. It is a small town, so of course they knew each other. The second guy, he saw some really heavy shit over there. He extended 6 months just so he could come home and be done with the army. He could not stand the idea of doing what he had to do over there, and then come back here and be a GI for any amount of time.

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