Stockton, California – need I say more?

21-year-old Donnello Knowles robbed a gas station a gunpoint. Well, he tried to rob a gas station at gunpoint, but what he did instead was shoot himself in the leg.

Knowles attempted robbery occurred at a Stockton, California gas station in January 2015. Armed with the shotgun, he made his way inside the business and ordered everyone inside to get on the ground. He took money and even tried to have victims open a safe. Police suspect he then pulled out the shotgun and shot himself in the leg in the process of demanding money from a cash register.

Knowles ran across the street to a friend’s apartment. His friend called for help and he was later picked up by police with money from the robbery in his clothes. He was booked into jail, and faces robbery, firearms and other weapons charges.

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2 Responses to Stockton, California – need I say more?

  1. snuffy says:

    Was this the same guy that stun gunned his bad self?

  2. C.R. says:

    It wasn’t the same Dindu playing with that sawed off shotgun down a ways on your page was it? He did not look like he was doing it right.

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