The Soviet “Liberation” of Europe

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  1. It is my opinion that the soldiers involved should be made to pay for their atrocities…
    I see little remorse…
    On their knees with a bullet in the back of their heads would be too lenient…
    Just saying…

  2. Kenny the Scot says:

    “But a far darker side to the Soviet occupation quickly became apparent. It ranged from casual theft – there were cases of Soviet soldiers simply taking any jewellery they fancied from passers-by – to more serious crime. Anna Levitska knew of two school-friends who were raped by Red Army officers: ‘Those two girls were shaking the entire time that they were telling me about what had happened. They were in tears. They simply did not understand how this could have happened. They were dreadfully affected by it, and, of course, I too was affected when they told me about it.’

    And though theft and rape were officially crimes in the Red Army, there was a sense from the very beginning of the occupation that the Soviets were intent on despoiling eastern Poland – despoiling property, despoiling people, despoiling ideas. In pursuit of the Marxist ideal of ‘equality’, the Soviet authorities turned conventional values upside-down. To be rich was no longer pleasurable but dangerous. Whereas before it had been acceptable to stroll, smartly dressed, down the central promenade in Lwów past the ornate opera house, now it was evidence of ‘bourgeois’ behaviour and rendered you liable to arrest. It is often forgotten that just as the Nazi occupation of western Poland in 1939 was driven by ideological beliefs, so was the Soviet occupation of eastern Poland.”

    Rees, Laurence. World War Two: Behind Closed Doors: Stalin, the Nazis and the West (Kindle Locations 476-486). Ebury Publishing. Kindle Edition.

  3. Kenny the Scot says:

    “In the aftermath of the Red Army’s victory in Budapest rape was almost ubiquitous. ‘The worst suffering of the Hungarian population is due to the rape of women,’ records a contemporary report from the Swiss embassy in Budapest. ‘Rapes – affecting all age groups from ten to seventy – are so common that very few women in Hungary have been spared. . . . The misery is made worse by the sad fact that many Russian soldiers are diseased and there are absolutely no medicines in Hungary.’”

    Rees, Laurence. World War Two: Behind Closed Doors: Stalin, the Nazis and the West (Kindle Locations 5501-5506). Ebury Publishing. Kindle Edition.

  4. bogsidebunny says:

    According to Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi and Chucky Schumer these are the same Ruski dudes who hi-jacked the 2016 election and helped Trump screw the legitimate candidate.

    • Kenny the Scot says:

      “Harry [Hopkins] tells me the President [Roosevelt] is convinced that even if he cannot convert Stalin into a good democrat, he will be able to come to a working agreement with him. After all, he had spent his life managing men, and Stalin at bottom could not be so very different from other people. Anyway, he has come to Teheran determined, if I can trust Hopkins, to come to terms with Stalin, and he is not going to allow anything to interfere with that purpose. The mathematics of this is two to one, and before the first day was spent Brooke said to me: ‘This Conference is over when it has only just begun. Stalin has got the President in his pocket.'”

      (Lord Moran, Churchill at War 1940-1945, Robinson, London, 2002, pp. 162-163.)

      • Kenny the Scot says:

        “Only a solid understanding between the democracies could have kept Stalin’s appetite under control. The P.M. has seen that for some time, but the President’s eyes are closed. What is more remarkable – for Roosevelt is a sick man – the Americans round him do not seem to realise how the President has split the democracies and handcuffed the P.M. in his fight to stem Communism.”

        (Lord Moran, Churchill at War 1940-1945, Robinson, London, 2002, p. 284.)

  5. Kenny the Scot says:

    “The first Russian incursions into East Prussia took place on 22 October 1944, when 11th Guards Army captured Nemmersdorf and several other border hamlets. Five days later, General Friedrich Hossbach’s Fourth Army retook the villages. Hardly one civilian inhabitant survived. Women had been nailed to barn doors and farm carts, or been crushed by tanks after being raped. Their children had been killed. Forty French PoWs working on local farms had been shot, likewise avowed German communists. The Red Army’s behaviour reflected not casual brutality, but systematic sadism rivalling that of the Nazis. ‘In the farmyard stood a cart, to which more naked women were nailed through their hands in a cruciform position,’ reported a Volkssturm militiaman, Karl Potrek, who entered Nemmersdorf with the Wehrmacht. ‘Near a large inn, the “Roter Krug”, stood a barn and to each of its two doors a naked woman was nailed through the hands, in a crucified posture. In the dwellings we found a total of 72 women, including children, and one man, 74, all dead . . . all murdered in a bestial fashion, except only for a few who had bullet holes in their heads. Some babies had their heads bashed in.’”

    Hastings, Max. Armageddon: The Battle for Germany 1944-45 (Kindle Locations 5845-5853). Pan Macmillan. Kindle Edition.

    • SemperFi, 0321 says:

      My grandparents were in Konigsberg during the siege, having lost 2 sons on the Russian front, and their youngest sitting in a POW camp in France. I know that none of my great grandparents survived that period, and after the war ended, my grandparents made their way to Berlin thru Soviet lines where my grandmother passed away in 1946, more than likely from the effects of gang rape.
      My father was released from the US POW camp in late 1946 and somehow, he and his father found each other in the post war chaos, getting a place together in Bremerhaven. They were the lone survivors of over a dozen family members.

      Nemmersdorf is but one example of what went on daily along the entire eastern front, and not only German women but every other nationality that lived in that war zone. Almost all the front line troops were asiatic, probably so the Soviets could pin the blame on their rape campaign on those of inferior race.
      The rape went on for at least another decade of occupation also.
      Americans have no idea what it was like to be a female in those years, no one escaped being a victim.

      • Kenny the Scot says:

        Thank you for commenting. I am “Nick McAvelly” and the article at GoV is one of mine. As I said over at the other site: “The more you find out, the deeper into the archives you go, the worse everything gets.”

        It has been quite shocking to me to find, whenever I have tried to bring this subject to light on the internet, that comments come in from people whose family members lived through these events, and whose lives even now, all these years later, still bear the scars.

        Once again, thank you for commenting.

  6. Kenny the Scot says:

    On the British and American alliance with the Soviets during WW2 …

    • SemperFi, 0321 says:

      Great comments there too.
      Americans are clueless to how much interference and help were given to Russia, and later the Soviets with American tax dollars and Federal Reserve Bank assistance. FDR should have been shot, strapped to his wheelchair, for worshiping and aiding Stalin the way he did, DURING THE PRE-WAR YEARS!
      American agents posing as Red Cross workers (precursors to the CIA) helped in the 2nd Russian Revolution in 1917, aided by the Federal Reserve Bank!
      American tax dollars were spent on Soviet grain, while FDR helped Stalin starve his own people, to the tune of millions of dead in the Holodomor, while Americans were also unemployed and starving in our own Depression.
      American tax dollars helped build Soviet truck and airplane factories in the 1930’s, many built by German firms, only to be used against them less than a decade later.
      Soviet trucks rolled down the Ho Chi Minh Trail to supply communist troops in the south, those trucks being built in those same factories with US aid years before.
      One of the greatest enemies to the free world and individual freedom today is the Federal Reserve Bank, yet everyone just turns a blind eye to the crimes of these banksters.

      • FRB says:

        Agree with SemperFi, except that last line…
        Who the hell turns a blind eye to their crimes? No one that I know. We just don’t know what to do about it, short of the civil war going hot. And even when it does, most of us will be busy in our own AO, few of us will be anywhere near NYC or DC.

        No, I don’t think anyone turns a blind eye, except those in charge.
        The Congress, which made the mess, could fix it, but won’t.
        The Executive keeps hiring banksters as Treasury officials.
        Economists and media work to prop up the current system.
        No one, except the criminals, is turning a blind eye…

  7. Dan R says:

    These guys are free, but 99-year-old Germans get hunted down and prosecuted for having anything to do with a concentration camp.

  8. M. Sage says:

    Thanks, FDR. That asshole was responsible for splitting Germany with half going to the Soviets, and handing Eastern Europe to them to rape and destroy.

    Whenever people talk about FDR like he was some kind of hero, I honestly have trouble not punching them in the mouth.

    • Wirecutter says:

      We owe FDR a great debt. It was because of his inept leadership that we now have term limits on the presidency. If it wasn’t for him, that fucking punk Obama would be in the White House today.

      • FDR says:

        You both make good points.
        But I’d argue that without the continuing effects of FDR’s legacy, we might have been spared the last 28 years altogether.
        No Clintons, no Bushes, and Nobama.

  9. somedude says:

    teach your women to fight and shoot. if you think Americans are any different, think again, Morals are in short supply.

  10. John Webster says:

    Both sides were the same, Germans and Soviets Front-line troops would pillage and rape and kill. The communists are not that different from nazis. Germans would burn civilians in barns and houses, just like the Soviets would. I wounder what other people would do when foreign troops will come and kill 10-20 million people as Germans did.

    As somedude says: teach your women to fight and shoot. Morals are in short supply during any war.

    • Kenny the Scot says:

      You are quite right John, the German forces were brutal right from the get-go. It’s thought nowadays that the Nazi system got worse as the war progressed – the whole “working towards the Fuhrer” idea that was advanced by Ian Kershaw, and so forth. A system with no brakes, etc. And there may be something to that.

      But as soon as they invaded Poland, it was game on for the Nazis.

      Here is a document you may find interesting – the notes from Hitler’s meeting at Obersalzberg on 22nd August 1939, retrieved from the OKW archives and presented as evidence at the Nuremberg Trials:

      I do not know if you are familiar with the work of Alexander Rossino, but he has written an excellent book on the Nazi invasion of Poland (published by the University of Kansas.)

  11. John Webster says:

    Thank you Kenny. I did not know these documents. My historic family is from area that changed hands between Germans and Soviets/Russians 4-5 times during both the 1st and 2nd World Wars, so the remark about the front-line troops is from family history.

    • Kenny the Scot says:

      That would be right in the centre of what the historianTimothy Snyder called the “bloodlands”. The understanding of the war that we Brits are taught growing up is, perhaps understandably, focused on the British war – Churchill standing up to Hitler, the Battle of Britain, the North African campaign, Operation Overlord, and so forth. That’s all well and good, but we really need to have a better understanding of what happened in Eastern Europe during (and after) the war.

      I have spent quite a bit of time studying this aspect of the war, and it has been most useful research. There are some quite incredible documents in the archives, if only one can find out whereabouts to look. Of course, if you have family connections to that area and that time, then you will know all about it.

      My own feeling, as I have carried out this research, is that AH acted as something of a “gatekeeper” in that he gave people permission to express what was inside them – there are no direct written orders from AH in the historical record, ordering people to commit the worst atrocities of the Nazi regime. But I have come to believe, as I grow older, that people don’t need orders to commit evil acts. They just need the opportunity. Hitler gave it to them. That’s all it needs.

  12. Flashman says:

    My father (RAF 2nd Tactical Air Force, 1944-45) held a life-long distaste for communism after witnessing first-hand the ravages of soviet troops in occupied Germany. On many occasions in 1945, British and American units became safe havens for German civilians (mostly women and children) fleeing nearby villages to escape drunken and out-of-control soviets.

  13. Larry says:

    While the fighting was going on, the Soviet combat troops were fairly disciplined. The REMFs following behind really were MFers. When the fighting was over and alcohol fueled them, you were fucked either way, though. I think the Germans were even worse during their scorched earth retreat than they were on the advance. Unless you were Jewish, Gypsy, Party member, of course. There were hardly any left by the time they were retreating.

    The bit about Hitler encouraging pitiless brutality is just a really amped up repetition of what the German army was told to do in WWI. Just like Stalin didn’t do anything Lenin hadn’t done years before (just bigger and badder), German acts had long roots in the past. Though when they got industrial about it, they really went to town.

  14. czechsix says:

    Always good to have reminders of that time, and what went on. My parents, and grandparents are all long gone, but I still carry their stories with me.

    There’s a good book out there by the name of Bloodlands, gives some interesting history that’s pertinent to this, and the viewpoints that are related to these activities.

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