There’s just something about Mondays…..

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12 Responses to There’s just something about Mondays…..

  1. .45-70 says:


  2. spaz says:

    Happy mondays, helps the day go by

  3. Elmo says:

    I guess we ran out of white frosting for the ‘Birth’ cake.
    That’s okay. I don’t think the Birthday Boy will mind. :-)

  4. idaho bob says:

    Damn! This section of the blog sure changes my attitude about Monday mornings!


  5. Padawan says:

    Either I’m getting older or they’re looking younger and younger.

    Anyways…number eighteen has a lot of potential.

  6. Exile1981 says:

    That blue and yellow kitchen is hideous.

  7. Cederq says:

    I am love with every single one of these fine ladies… Another firm pat on the back for Mr. Kenny, you brighten many a rather dreary Monday.

  8. bogsidebunny says:

    WOW. Almost missed “Muffin Monday” cause I was out stocking up for the massive wind, rain, hail storm headed this way later today. #3 Looks like one of my 1980’s sweeties. Married with 2 kids she liked to come over on weekends to break the monotony of family life by joining me in trying to “boff” ourselves into a coma. However, that was 35 years ago and age has probably taken it toll. So I’m gonna go with Miss #18 cause her legs are to die for.

    • formwiz says:

      3 does look ready for action, but 4 looks as if she needs help rearranging her underwear drawer.

  9. Doonhamer says:

    What is Miss Five playing?

  10. Bob Peterson says:

    A++ batch, you sir have taste as good as I ;)

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