Working with what you got

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  1. kennymac says:

    Excuse me, but he’s like a fucking bird building a nest. I can see why so many blacks want to appropriate white culture.

  2. phil says:

    I am unfamiliar with that tribe. Is it a New Yorker or a Californian?

  3. One of the many Bills says:

    Crows like to collect shiny objects too.

  4. SAM says:

    Gotta be California.


  5. RonM says:

    Lol, I like the bottle caps. Must’ve come over the waterfall and floated down to his village on some debris. Man, he’s waaay out in the boonies if that’s the best he can do!

  6. pdwalker says:

    Bling, it’s the thing!

  7. bob says:

    all cultures are equal.

  8. Klaus says:

    He probably has a iPhone7 and Wifi in his hut though.

  9. Okie says:

    I thought it was a woman….
    “Ladies night in Africa!”

  10. Hillbilly says:

    Looking for a Castmaster ?

  11. CC says:

    That Timex took a licking…

  12. David says:

    Boy did Obama go down the drain fast!

  13. Heathen says:

    “We wuz Kangs !”

  14. Miss Lisa says:

    Tiiiiiiime is On my ….(oh man, I put it on my head)…oh well, My side. Yes it is!

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