How about beating somebody’s ass instead?

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3 Responses to How about beating somebody’s ass instead?

  1. bogsidebunny says:

    OMFG, Ever piss on a campfire? Birds fall out of the sky and bears 3 miles away vomit.

  2. Doonhamer says:

    Special rocks which dissolve when exposed to ammonia.
    Can I sell you some silica (glass) rocks.
    Vewwy, vewwy cheap.
    Left over from making steel. – slag.
    Extweemly rare.

  3. Sail Man says:

    Gotta say, many years ago me and my younger brother were in the sauna at an indoor tennis club. We were the only ones in there when he decided to piss on the rocks. EMS don’t smell that bad, usually.
    He also pissed on the sidewalk in front of the Hudson Dept Store in Detroit once when our parents took us down to the D for some Christmas shopping.
    Boy sure did like to pee in some strange places.

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