How Liberal Portland Became America’s Most Politically Violent City

The fact that Portland erupted as the epicenter in Trump-era political violence in the U.S. is, in a certain sense, surprising. A liberal nirvana, a crunchy, weed-and-hops city where Republicans and plastic bags alike have been all but evicted, Portland has embodied and outpaced many of the urban trends of the early 21st century: gentrification and co-ops, food trucks and foot-bridges, transitions to a bike-and-pedestrian economy. It is, as a conspicuous show has encapsulated, a progressive paradise.

And yet, as many within and without the city have begun realizing, Portland is a town leavened with a history of rampant racial strife. As the whitest major American city, Portland blossomed in the lone state that constitutionally barred blacks from living there through the 19th century, that acted as one of the primary concentration centers for incarcerating American citizens of Japanese ancestry during World War II, that redlined as severely as any major metropolis elsewhere. That in 1922 saw its chief of police posing alongside hooded Ku Klux Klan members. That brought Jim Crow to the Pacific shoreline.

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9 Responses to How Liberal Portland Became America’s Most Politically Violent City

  1. Unclezip says:

    Not at all surprising. It’s a libtard haven, and libtards get violent when you disagree with them. My stepson is in an ICU right now because he stupidly disagreed with a crowd of those anti-fa Nazis in downtown. I won’t go to that town – if I am forced to go, I will be armed. It’s all I can do to keep the Baroness from nuking the shithole.

  2. bogsidebunny says:

    Hopefully, it’s high on the NorK’s missile hit list.

  3. Oldfart says:

    Unfortunately, I live in Portland. My wife works just west of the downtown core and has to traverse the area they are planning on demonstrating in today. I guess I and “my little friend” will have to go get her today – again!

    Such is life in the belly of the beast.

  4. Once upon a time... says:

    Such a fucking shame. It was a really nice place to live 30+ years ago, started going to hell around 25 years ago. Some of my best memories are from long ago Portland.

  5. Jack Crabb says:

    That headline is not hard to believe at all. Libturds are not tolerant of views different than theirs and libturds are the ones that get violent. When is the last time a mass shooter has been conservative?

  6. Phil says:

    I lived there for many years but abandoned it and moved across the river to Washington state over thirty years ago. Even back in the 60’s there were places in that town you didn’t go to if you were white.
    The only thing I have any real use for the place anymore is they still get some decent concerts coming around.
    I just went and saw Roger Waters play a bunch of old Pink Floyd tunes the other day.
    One hell of a show but even that was full of Libtard bullshit messaging.

    Other than that I try to avoid the place like the plague infested shithole it has become.
    Once in a while I have to go over there to get something I need but I try my damndest to stay on the East side of town.

    The unofficial motto of that town is “Keep Portland Weird”.
    I’m thinking some of those dumbasses take that as a personal challenge.

  7. NewVegasBadger says:

    If one studies the history of left wing ideologies, they will resort to violence to impose their will on every one else. The so called antifa thugs are in fact using the same tactics that the “fascists” used to gain power. What these socialist idiots don’t understand that both fascism and Nazism ARE a variation of socialism. A major reason why the Nazi Germany (Hitler) and Bolshevik Russia (Stalin) had such an intense hatred for each other was that both thought themselves as having the one pure version of socialism and the other guy was the heretic. Nationalism vs. internationalism. Government control over private businesses vs. Government ownership of all businesses. Concentrations for those of the wrong race/religion vs. gulags for class enemies. It is only a question of how soon and not if, when these antifa folks decide to say: aww fuck it, let’s kill the fascist! With the term fascist to mean any and every one who not in their group. To quote Game of Thrones; Winter is coming

  8. Robert Logue says:

    Pretty sure nobody is real worried about these weird bunch starting anything real violent… like hunting down so called white fascists.
    for every one of them, there is about 1000 deer and elk hunters who would love to start hunting the ones who are ruining the cities here. If they like destroying the downtown area where they all eat and sleep and shit.. and the city doesnt do anything? well fine, I try never to go down there too!
    I guess theyre mommas never told them not to shit in their own beds..

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