I ain’t buying that shit

The deadly collision between a U.S. destroyer and a container ship June 17 took place while the freighter was on autopilot, according to Navy officials.

The Philippines-flagged cargo ship ACX Crystal was under control of a computerized navigation system that was steering and guiding the container vessel, according to officials familiar with preliminary results of an ongoing Navy investigation.

Investigators so far found no evidence the collision was deliberate.

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  1. juju2434 says:

    I don’t like taking sides but shouldn’t that destroyer have been aware of that garbage scow??
    It sure as hell could have out maneuvered the container ship after it had been detected by all the electronics and radars aboard. THAT, is how you get your ass handed to you, and the US Navy was caught with their fucking pants down. I think a captain needs to be demoted and thrown out of the navy. he was probably sleeping off a drunk.

    • Old Goat Patrol says:

      I bet:
      The bridge officer on the destroyer was playing “Chicken of the sea”.

  2. RobinKaty says:

    if their radar didn’t pick up a 300 million ton ship, I suspect it probably won’t see those little cruse missiles either.

  3. crazyeighter says:

    The collision occurred at around 1:30 a.m. local time but was not reported by the freighter’s crew until around 2:25 a.m. Investigators believe the time lag was the result of the crew not realizing they had hit another ship.

    I call Bullshit on that. If there were any drunks onboard, I’m betting it was on the container ship.

    • Deplorable Kell says:

      Lmfao… how do you NOT know you collided with a navy destroyer or anything large on open water? Somebody F’d up, bigly!

  4. Will says:

    Sounds like there were some major screw ups on both sides as accidents are rarely all one sided. Captains are allowed to sleep and it’s doubtful that he ” was sleeping off a drunk”. It will be interesting to find out what happened on the bridge of the Fitzgerald. Rules of the road work perfectly when they are followed. One side following them and the other side having no ability to implement them( a computer programmed to follow a course) will make for a disaster. Large ships traveling at 15 to 25 knots can’t turn on a dime. Since the starboard midships of the Fitzgerald was the damaged section, it would appear that the Chrystal was the “stand to vessel” and the Fitzgerald was the “give way” vessel but that’s all out the window if there was nobody at the helm of the Chrystal.

  5. buzz1949 says:

    I agree, there is a whole lot more to this story than we have been given.

  6. Tsquared says:

    Something is very fishy with this whole incident. Why was the Crystal the first one to report a collision? Why was there a discrepancy in the time? Why isn’t there a smear down the side of the Fritz? Was the Fritz under power or sitting dead in the water?

    Every chart I have seen shows the Crystal moving and the Fritz sitting in the same spot. Something is rotten here.

  7. Rebecca says:

    Somebody’s Navy career is certainly over. I mean right down to the radar operator who is supposed to be keeping track of ships around the destroyer. Sonar man as well. Captain, along with the entire chain of command. And the container ship? That captain will be lucky to be allowed to live. No matter what, somebody is always supposed to be on watch. Not that it happens that way, but someone is.

    IF self driving ships can’t stay out of collisions how do you think self driving cars will? I’ not going to get in one.

  8. johnnyreb says:

    The crew of the Fitz could have been at transgender sensitivity classes,

  9. usexpat says:

    The Fitz would have had not only radar but separate warnings when another ship with radar gets close or is on a constant bearing (which indicates collision). Even a 30′ sailboat has a simple receiver that lets it know if a radar out there gets within a preset distance.
    Freighters almost always rely on that kind of system and plain old radar with notifies the watch if a contact gets within range. It is also common that there is no watch in the wheelhouse but the alarms are audible. Common but not legal.. Course that lone Filipino on watch could have been taking a dump at the time. Never get in the way of a freighter unless you want to get your boat wrapped around it’s anchor..
    Some serious issues here unless the freighter turned into the DD which is unlikely out there in the blue ocean. I’m going to guess that everybody except the cook will be tossed out of the Navy.

  10. RHT447 says:

    I think this guy is on to something—


    • Deplorable Kell says:

      Horseshit! The destroyer saw that thing coming a LONG way out and could have moved out of its way if it had to! Had that cargo ship hit as this video describes, the destroyer would be on the bottom… lol… and I’m just an old paratrooper!

  11. NewVegasBadger says:

    Once again, the official story is NOT the real story. Question: How is it possible that they could NOT realize that they hit another ship? Seems to me that they are lying their asses off as to what really happened.
    What is the Fitz and every other US Navy vessel going to in a real war, where an enemy is out to sink them, if in peace time they are so damn incompetent they let a cargo vessel run into them (if one is to believe the official account).

  12. RC says:

    There is a lot here that doesn’t add up on either side. The container ship has to have 2 radars going x and s bands respectively, and broadcasting AIS, a transponder which has ship name and position, etc. If there was no one on the bridge that is serious bad juju. The time lag would also account for going to wake the captain and CYA in general. And they will get crucified for it, and rightly so. However the destroyer end of it is beyond belief with what little has been presented. There are 5 kinds of alarms and a mid sized container ship lit up like a Christmas tree coming along to t-bone your ship, and no one moves it? Yeah there is a lot missing on this.

  13. Don says:

    Here’s a good analysis: http://www.vesselofinterest.com/2017/06/mapping-acx-crystals-collision-with-uss.html

    In the comments is the suggestion that the Crystal, shortly before the collision, on autopilot, and with no one on watch, made a pre-programmed course change (20 degrees to port) that changed her course from overtaking to crossing.

  14. ed357 says:


    Your timeline is plausible….

    I think the 0230 collision is correct…..

    But the culprit might be us…..What if we have developed the hijacking technology and this was supposed to be a test…..and someone f’ed it up?

  15. Deplorable Kell says:

    A destroyer saw that barge 70 miles out and all the way in and should have taken steps to avoid it, the captain has gone as far as he’s gonna go in the navy so…

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