ISIS calling for revenge for revenge attack

Twisted messages allegedly sent between pro-ISIS supporters appeared on Twitter, calling on fanatics to “wake up” to “the war starting now in your own streets”.

The texts, reported by Terrorism analyst Michael Smith, were sent to a WhatsApp group with 225 members in the aftermath of the suspected revenge terror attack, where a van ploughed into Muslim worshippers in the early hours of Monday morning.

The twisted rant, sent from a group called ‘War news/ Ummah [community] news’ questioned why the attacker had not been shot by police like the killers behind the London Bridge attack earlier this month.


They’re wondering why the police didn’t shoot the driver like they did the terrorists that attacked the people on the bridge.
Could it be because this guy was already captured while the terrorists on the bridge were still actively attacking innocent people or were trying to escape? Could that be it?

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6 Responses to ISIS calling for revenge for revenge attack

  1. Oldfart says:

    I don’t like to see people die violently but I’m glad to see SOME Brits are fighting back. I’m just afraid it’s too little and too late.

  2. sooty bob says:

    The terrorists on the bridge were also wearing fake suicide vests and rushed the police. They wanted to get shot. They got their wish.

  3. Angel says:

    “The war starting now on your own streets”.

    Whose streets?! Wake up, Britain.

  4. Michael in Nelson says:

    This just might be a DUI rather than a counter attack. Let’s wait for a proper investigation. The witnesses saying it was targeted, the guy had a knife and he was yelling about killing muslims are all muslim so I am suspicious of their veracity.

  5. Doonhamer says:

    Or all the other “reasons”.
    He is mentally unstable.
    Work place violence
    He was badly affected by drugs.
    He had been abused (by Muslims?) as an infant.
    He was Norwegian.
    Lone wolf.
    Name, race and religion will be released in July.
    If at all.
    And so on, and so on,,…………

  6. Eric says:

    Awww. The terrorist being terrorized. LOL

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