Lane Luck

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7 Responses to Lane Luck

  1. guy says:

    If that was all purple, and piled deep enough that you couldn’t determine the make of the vehicle, that would be my jeep in the fall.

    I’ve had that much hit my windshield while driving. I swear I could hear the bird shout “THANK YOU JESUS!”

  2. Terry says:

    One of my dad’s favorite sayings: “Birds sing for everyone else”.
    Missing him today.

  3. Don F says:

    …for other people, they sing!

    Don F

  4. California Southpaw says:

    That bird is a better shot than our latest lefty was.

  5. Roy says:

    That was more than one bird.

    Had something like that happen to my car once. I had parked under a small tree overnight. It turned out to be a roost for a lot of birds who let fly when they woke up in the morning. In my case they had been eating blackberrys. It was a huge mess and took me a while get it cleaned up.

    I swore I was going to return to that same tree the next night with a BB gun. …no, my anger cooled so I didn’t shoot the birds. I did, however, stop parking under trees at night.

  6. bikermailman says:

    Doves seem to love leeching on mailboxes around here. There are some boxes that look like this, and I have to find a part of the lid that isn’t all nasty. Especially in the spring, when the ministries are fruiting.

  7. Rebecca says:

    Looks like a successful bombing run.

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