Maine Turns Out The Lights

After Maine Gov. Paul LePage delivered an ultimatum to state lawmakers, promising to provoke a government shutdown should the state’s legislature hand him a budget that includes a tax increase, it appears the governor intends to keep his word.

LePage told reporters at the state capital that he won’t sign anything Friday, ensuring that a shutdown will begin at midnight, because the current budget proposalwhich was endorsed late Thursday by a special panel of lawmakers but has not yet been approved by the state legislature, includes a 1.5% lodging tax increase.

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9 Responses to Maine Turns Out The Lights

  1. screwauger says:

    I voted for the prick, he’s my boss and signs my paychecks and all of this BS equates to time off without pay. I am so sick of governors balancing state budgets on the backs of the state work force. Yes, I am a walking oxymoron. A staunch fiscal conservative, being paid by tax dollars. Deal with it, you do what you have to do. I did anyway!

    • bogsidebunny says:

      Hey screwauger,

      The governor just sent you a message;

    • ChuckN says:

      If you’re a conservative and paid any attention you should know how many avenues our governor has tried in order to balance the budget only to have the MPA and other assorted rabble scream bloody murder and instead force fund away from necessary agencies, specifically LE and fire/ems. As a fiscal conservative you should know that the only reason the state isn’t as broke as King and Baldacci left it is because LePage stepped in and tried to bring some (read: any) measure of fiduciary responsibility. As a fiscal conservative and as a state employee you sheer know about the sheer waste that goes on, to the point that multiple state unions (yes unions) argue for better fiscal management. Yet anytime LePage, or legislators such as Burns or Lockman, tries to pare down waste WITHOUT touching employees it gets shot down in flames between the hacks and the dems. So spare us the whining, and start calling out the ones who refuse to compromise on anything that might draw money away from their fiefdoms. This entire situation could have been avoided if more ‘fiscal conservatives’ like you stood up and shouted down the ignorant moonbats instead of staying quiet, ‘doing what you got to do’, and bitching about it online and in the local diner.

    • Oxymoronic says:

      Well screwauger, I think ChuckN mostly covered it but here goes anyway:
      1. Time off without pay is generally a good thing, whether you use it as extra vacation, a chance to complete major chores, or extra parenting time with the kids.
      2. If you consider time off WITH pay as something you’re somehow entitled to, well that is NOT a conservative value.
      3. Count yourself lucky that you’re still employed in this crappy economy.
      4. The state work force is exactly, precisely the correct place to balance state budgets.
      5. For an actual “staunch fiscal conservative”, aka one who lives within their means, regardless of income bracket, time off without pay should not pose a major hardship.

      And yes, I speak from experience. More than half the members of my extended family work in some level of the effin goobermint.

  2. cato1776 says:

    Funny, for decades the House and Senate,create the overspending, debt, corruption and waste and everyone wants to blame the Governor, because he wants a reduction of the ballooning budget.
    In a government shut down everyone sees who and what jobs are essential.

  3. 1980XLS says:

    If you did not show up for work, would the taxpayers even notice?

    If not, try the private sector.
    Time off without pay, pretty much sums it up.

  4. Beaches says:

    I have been reading about LePage for several years now.

    Irascible bastard, with a mouth that rivals Donald Trump.

    • David says:

      I have heard and read a bit about this old boy. And yes he is a Grumpy Old Bastard and all. But consider who he has to deal with all the time.

      On the other hand. He is looking out for the entire State of Maine for the long term & not just for the special interests. Which is a hell of a lot more than most of the Poll watching, fund raising toads that we have for Pols.

      Its a pity that we do not have bunch more like him around serving the Republic.

  5. Paulie says:

    As I recall, when LePage first took office, he let the state employees know that if department stores stayed open during a snow storm then they’d be working as well: no snow days. Ah… the beginning of state hack head explosions…

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