A van has reportedly crashed into pedestrians outside a mosque in London causing a “number of casualties”.
Officers arrested one person after they were called shortly after midnight to the incident on Seven Sisters Road, near Finsbury Park station.
Police said they were responding to a “major incident” with “a number of casualties being worked on at the scene”.

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10 Responses to Paybacks?

  1. Robert Evans says:

    Deus Vult.

  2. bikermailman says:

    That was my first thought, but it’s also near a Tube station, a common location for these attacks. And at midnight? More likely to be the usual, and the mosque thing is coincidence. But even if this isn’t a payback this time, it will happen sooner or later. The Saxon is learning to hate.

  3. Mike says:

    Yep. At some point Muslims in Europe are gonna fuck around and find out.

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