Poetry in motion

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10 Responses to Poetry in motion

  1. Pigg says:

    Got to love her final position though.

  2. Peter B says:

    Can’t jump off of soft sand the way you can off a floor. I guess she never played beach volleyball and found that out. Too bad, she’d look good doing it.

  3. Madmike says:

    That really looks like the beach…Just down the road…I wonder if I can search to see if I’m correct!!

  4. Eastwood says:

    Rather Angelic tumbling

  5. Doonhamer says:

    What happened to the (few) clothes she was wearing?
    She looks nice in the last few frames.

  6. Robert says:

    Pro tip when reading Wirecutter’s blog: have screen wipes handy while drinking Jose Cuervo Silver.

    Eastwood: Ha! I just got it. Took me a minute.

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