So it got a little hot in Texas…..

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8 Responses to So it got a little hot in Texas…..

  1. Hanzo says:

    Took him hours to fill, 2 seconds to empty.

  2. MMinLamesa says:

    Man the summers here are hot, no doubt about it, but the other 9 months are pretty damn nice. Unfortunately I can see horizon to horizon 12 months a year.

  3. Granny says:

    Damned fool better pray there’s a sinkhole under there.

  4. why says:

    “LifeGuard One to any ground unit, we are 4 minutes out from landing. Is the patient spinally packaged?”

    I’ve made my share of cervical injuries, including paralysis from similar. Ahh well, it keeps me employed…….

  5. Driftwood says:

    Can’t be too hot, the water’s not bubbling.

  6. Geoff R says:

    Keeps a tidy yard does’nt he.

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