The good ol’ days…..

Lafayette still has a drive in and Franklin KY just up the road from Portland has one too.

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  1. What are those local drive-ins playing? Hollywood converted to digital only a couple of years ago.

    No film.

    • Wirecutter says:

      No idea how it works but we took the grandkids to the Franklin Drive-in to watch the newest Teen Age Turtles (or whatever the fuck it was) last year.

    • Rob says:

      They have had to spend fairsized chunks of money for digital projectors, when the drive-in in Shelton WA raised enough for the new technology it was big local news.
      It was get the money or go out of business.

  2. rayvet says:

    We’ve got one here in Blue Ridge Georgia. Double features during the summer. take the kids once or twice a year, pack the pickup with stuff and lay in the bed watching good, family fun movies.

  3. Ace Frehley says:

    Weirs Beach Drive In Laconia, NH.. Few times every summer… Because it’s still there

  4. Steve in KY says:

    I love the one in Franklin. Its just fun.

    • Wirecutter says:

      We’ve been to that one once when we first got here and staying in Portland but we haven’t been to Lafayette’s – and it’s about 4 miles from the house if that.

    • Matt says:

      Yeah, it’s nice. Bring the herd of kids out there and let em sit on a blanket out the back of the van.

  5. usexpat says:

    When I was in college at Boulder, CO. we had an apartment facing the outdoor theater there. Put a couch on the deck. No sound but we were all engineering students so installed a transmitter in one of the speakers and it came over our radio. Saw a lot of pics that way but since we were engineering students not a lot a girls, which they tell me is the whole point of the exercise.

  6. Unclezip says:

    We still got a couple down the road. Of course, the speaker boxes are a thing of the past; uses a dedicated radio now. I remember a date to see Cat Ballou when I was lots younger.

    • POd American says:

      I can remember idiots cutting the speaker off the pole and then try to use them as stereo speakers in their cars. And then there was the one car that forgot to remove the speaker from the window prior to leaving…..

  7. Panama Jack says:

    I used to work at one of those in Sou Indiana. Now they turned it back into a cornfield. Used to be a hoot to be the only cook at intermission time. 300 hungry rednecks and they want their burger NOW!

  8. One of the many Bills says:

    We have one about 15 miles from home. They run good movies thru the summer and have a great snack bar, pizza, burgers you name it. Bad thing is it’s near the river and the bugs, mostly mosquitoes, are horrible. Still fun to go.

  9. Heathen says:

    We’ve still got one north of town.

    There used to be one just south of the county line 40 years ago or so.
    (yeah I’m old)

    They showed xxx movies on the big screen . The screen faced the highway,right after a curve in the road. If I remember right,there were several wrecks because of it. There’s a trucking outfit based there now.

    • Rob says:

      There used to be a drive-in that showed xxx movies at the Marin-Sonoma county line (Calif) but that was 40 years ago. You only got a glimpse as you drove by :-)

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