Well, I’ll be damned

The majority of the small police department in Slaughter, Louisiana – including the police chief – resigned this week after accusing the mayor of the city of attempting to impose ticket quotas on citizens to increase revenue and turn a profit.


There’s only a couple of nearby towns that I can tell as being quota driven – maybe I should say the PD’s funding is dependent on the amount of tickets written – and that’s Millersville and White House. If the fucking speed limit is 30 mph, you better be doing 28.
I see a lot of tickets being written on Hwy 109 through Portland but I don’t know if it’s because they’re enforcing the law heavily on that road all the time as it does run through residential districts or if the cops are just assholes.

Lafayette? I just drive safely and that turns out to be within 5, maybe 10 mph of the posted limit anyways, but I’ve yet to be ticketed.

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  1. usexpat says:

    I live in Australia part of the year. There they have speed cameras set at the speed limit. Do 61 in a 60kph zone and you’ll get a fine.
    Works well if looking at your spedo all the time instead of at the road is safe driving.
    There are few continuous roads in the towns and those are blocked with traffic so people use the side roads through residential areas. People living there complain so they install “traffic calming”. Chicanes, islands, fucking trees, speed bumps, everything on narrow side streets.
    It does do a lot for drink driving. You can’t hardly drive sober much less drunk. I’ve had to concentrate more on some roads in Perth than 4×4 cliff side roads in Colorado.

  2. Granny says:

    Amen, USEXPAT, Especially at the end of the month. 5KPH below the limit or expect to get a photo of your vehicle in the mail. Still love it here though.

  3. Terry says:

    Millersville I agree with you on.
    Have an SUV with out of state tags, especially Texas, you can count on having your stuff all over the shoulder of the interstate.

    I’ve lived in White House for over twenty years, and have never even been stopped, much less ticketed.
    I may see someone pulled over on the main drag 3 or 4 times a month.

    I got pulled over in Portland one time for expired tags, and they didn’t expire for another 2 months.
    Once he walked back and actually looked at the tag, he didn’t even ask for my license, just said “have a good day”.

  4. Cmt says:

    My 92 yr old Grandmother still lives in Slaughter, and I spent most of my teen years there. The last time I was there I remember thinking nothing has really changed in over 30 years in Slaughter, so I can’t see the town needing more revenue. Except for greed. But if you drive South on Hwy19 about 10 minutes you’re in Zachary. And that town doesn’t play, and it was like that when I was in high school. Hell I was driving North on 19 and made it past the main intersection and got pulled over. I was expecting to get a ticket, but was asked where I was going, who was I, who was I going to see, and how long I was going to be there. Must be the Texas plates.

  5. Tennessee Budd says:

    Don’t know how often you’re in the area, Kenny, but Ridgetop (US 41 north of Goodlettsville) is the same.
    Coopertown (on 49, & over to 431N) was so bad it made national news a few years back: they’ve changed some personnel, but I don’t know about the prevailing attitude. I still avoid the area anyway.

  6. Towser says:

    Dunno ’bout TN but in other Southern towns they like that “25 mph” limit a lot. It has got to be the worst speed, other than 5 or 10 there is. Most cars don’t run well at those speeds. I’ve seen some where the dial is at 5 when parked. In the north 30 mph is (or was) the most prevalent “town speed”. It still sucks but it sucks a whole lot less than 25.

  7. t's neverYcpat says:

    Of course PD’s have quotas. If you don’t “perform”, you get called into the Captains office to see what your problem is. It may not be implicit but, it is certainly clear you are expected to deliver a certain number of felony and misdemeanor arrests and, write a certain minimum number of traffic tickets. It’s never openly stated, you just know what the deal is. You see who gets promoted and who doesn’t.

  8. nonncom says:

    According to a state trooper I used to know, at least twice a year the lecture was given regarding how much it cost to keep a trooper and his vehicle on the highway, and it was expected that at least that much in ticket revenue was expected….Quota?….theoretically, no…in realistically, yes….

  9. Don says:

    You can’t spell “Slaughter” without “laughter”!

  10. oltanker says:

    I regularly run up US 165 through Louisiana due to work requirements. Fenton, LA and Woodlawn, LA are notorious. Both have some of the brightest, shiniest patrol cars imaginable and they know that each speeding ticket they issue gives them more money to buy shiny new toys to hang on their belts.

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