Working with what you got

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  1. One of the many Bills says:

    That will last longer that the crap they use around here filling holes with. Throw a shovel full of cold asphalt in the hole and step on it as you go back to the truck

  2. CorditeChris says:

    Gotta be Russia

  3. =TW= says:

    On the corner near my job is a large pothole, maybe a foot deep. Usually full of water, it is a hazard for unwary motorists. There is a fire hydrant on that corner, about 2 feet from the pothole.
    A city crew fills it with a yard or two of asphalt every couple of months, but the repair lasts only half that time. This has been going on for years.
    Now, I’m no expert but I suspect the real problem is the main that feeds the hydrant. And when it blows it might be spectacular.
    Meanwhile I just avoid that corner.

  4. rosalindj says:

    It could be my monitor, but that appears to be large-ish blocks of cheese.

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