Drugs are bad


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24 Responses to Drugs are bad

  1. nonncom says:


  2. bogsidebunny says:

    Full-blown syphilis does cause “unusually aggressive behavior”.

  3. sk6actual says:

    hmmm, looks like brown privilege reared her ugly head

  4. wildbill says:

    You versus cops: You may win in court but you WILL NOT win in the street!

  5. Elmo says:

    Mack trucks- They’re never there when you need one.

  6. John Deaux says:

    I think he showed amazing restraint with that baton, he must have known he was being recorded.

  7. czechsix says:

    Guess he didn’t have a taser. That baton wasn’t doing shit.

  8. pdwalker says:

    wife material?

  9. OhioGuy says:

    Los Vibrantes Enrichmentadoros …

    potential payday for her …. la familia will clean her up, utter lies about her character, and find a scumbag reconquistador attorney to grift the pockets of the taxpayers

  10. Ragnar says:

    Mixed feelings. Why did that many need to show up and block the intersection for God knows how long? Maybe worried about a chimp out?

    So, in this case I can sort of give the badged, tax-feeding orcs a pass, but not when they act like revenue collecting road pirates.

    So, today, some asshole, likely the troll cop, was doing 40 in a 55 and when my girlfriend tried to pass (legally) the asshole sped up. Right into a two cop speed trap. Thank you very much for helping us fill our quota. Girlfriend got a ticket – asshole didn’t get pulled over. Hmmmm.

    And….the badged orcs wonder why people don’t like them.

  11. Andy says:

    So much drama in the LBC.

  12. rolldog says:

    I must admit, I do enjoy watching female dindus fighting and going crazy. Very entertaining.

    This cop did a pretty good job of handling the situation. He could have whacked her upside the head a few times with his stick but he waited for his chance and took her down without causing too much damage. I’m surprised that more people didn’t try to drive through the intersection – most drivers are idiots.

  13. Loye Don Williams II says:

    Pendejo needed an ass whuppin.

  14. =TW= says:

    My $.02:

    It is quite possible to avoid deplorable incidents like this by maintaining a low profile.

  15. Antibubba says:

    I thought that officer handled the situation well. He wasn’t just trying to subdue her, he was trying to draw her out of the intersection and away from traffic. I wondered why he didn’t go for a taser (doesn’t have one?). You don’t usually see good baton work outside of promo or training videos; he was clearly trying to get her to the ground where she could be subdued.

    Nice job, officer.

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