Even Florida hates Floridians

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2 Responses to Even Florida hates Floridians

  1. Andrew says:

    I already posted that the I-4 corridor (West Daytona – Whorlando – Tampa bay area) generally sucks donkey balls.

    Subtle hint, do not live in places where water pools on the ground. Live above the pooling areas. This is how anyone living in a limestone karst area can keep their house from turning into a dirt submarine.

    And the area around Tampa is especially bad. It has always been bad. Stupidly bad. Since, at least, the 1900’s, when my late grandmother lived in Tampa and remembered sinkholes opening up back then.

    This shit isn’t new. It is just spectacular.

    At least we don’t build on the side of dirt cliffs like those idiots in California.

  2. Pingjockey says:

    Just shows ta go ya how bad Florida sucks…

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