Fanny Friday

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17 Responses to Fanny Friday

  1. Dan says:

    Not a Tush I wouldn’t Service

  2. yep! luis says:

    Yep…Yep…Yep…..Like I always said, more booty, more hits.

  3. Okie says:

    That cot out in the shed aught to be set up for ya permanently.. You n CGD !
    I gotta delete my browser history every damn day almost….
    The warden is on my ass !
    I give you two thumbs up bro !

  4. WoodBurner says:


    #17 gave me an idea, Side Boob Sunday!

    What say fellow Knuckledraggers?

  5. Okie says:

    The hiney makes me go crazy !
    Oh lord, dammit I blasphemed…..
    Half dozen Hail Mary’s……
    Bless his pointed little head….

  6. spaz says:

    this makes my week, great spread, happy Friday all and have a great weekend

  7. HiOAG says:

    Well since I’ve become a fan of the website it’s another reason to be excited about Friday, and Monday and Wednesday! Another fine Fanny Friday Kenny Thank You.

  8. Harry says:

    Fine asses all, #17, outstanding!!! “I’ll take things to do on a winters day for 500 Alex”

  9. USexpat says:

    The caddie pic reminds me of a golf course in Thailand (that I can’t afford). The girl caddies stand between you and any possible ball coming your way holding an umbrella over you. Best part is after the long hot afternoon they accompany you into the locker room and help with the shower. Long, long showers.

  10. Trib says:

    Side Boob Sunday!Side Boob Sunday!Side Boob Sunday!

  11. formwiz says:

    2 and 3 are sweet, especially since Miss 3 gave everybody a better bay to watch and I love 11, always nice to see a little bit of chubby back there.

    PS Hope somebody was around to warm up 17 after she got out of that cold water.

  12. idaho bob says:

    Two words……….Oh my!


  13. El Gordo says:

    Nice to see Tiger Woods has a new caddy for his latest comeback attempt!

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