After yet another officer-involved shooting in the Twin Cities, a Minnesota resident has taken it upon him- or herself to warn residents of potential gunfire if they make any loud noises.

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  1. Reese Bobby says:

    Apparently the lesbian police chief of Minneapolis facilitated the fast tracking of the jihadi cop’s training. A lot of corners were cut so that officer jig-Abdul could be on the streets in a few months. Meanwhile, Mayor Betsy “Jungle Fever” Hodges was cruising the back alleys of St Paul trying to rustle up some soul sausage rather than minding the store. Seems like some heroic ‘sotan could take it upon themself to fix this mess.

  2. Terry says:

    “Soul sausage”

  3. arf! luis says:

    Hell, better hide your dogs also!

  4. nonncom says:

    Now that’s some funny shit right there, as well as an excellent way to get the message out….

  5. vorkosigan says:

    Correction: …”Somali muslim police are easily startled ” and poorly trained diversity hires.

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