Hard ol’ Okie woman kills 17 copperheads

LEQUIRE, Okla. — A 72-year-old Oklahoma woman is receiving national attention after killing 17 copperhead snakes at her home.

Susan Thompson was visiting her neighbor, Mrs. Newby, when she learned the woman had killed 11 copperheads that she found under her Lequire, Oklahoma home, WTVD reports.

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11 Responses to Hard ol’ Okie woman kills 17 copperheads

  1. Okie says:

    The wife was making me rake leaves this spring. I was telling her “isn’t that why we bought a mulching mower ?” I didn’t see the copperhead sunning itself right in front of me.
    It was early June and I only saw it after I brushed it with the leaf rake and it moved.
    This old woman (not DW, well, yeah kinda) is typical in these parts. I’m surprised they didn’t post a recipe for deep fried snake nuggets….

  2. warhorse says:

    in about a month, she’ll be wondering where all these mice came from.

    • POd American says:

      She needs to import a Kingsnake for that duty; first time I uncovered one in my back yard woodpile, it startled the crap out of me. There was also one in a brushpile across the street that used to sun it’s self on my porch. Nature knows how to maintain balance…don’t mess with it.

  3. Bobo the Hobo says:

    Granny’s a badass!

  4. Tim in AK says:

    17 Copperheads. Just one more of many reasons I live in Alaska…..

    • Wirecutter says:

      Are there rattlers in Alaska? I’d rather deal with a half dozen copperheads than a rattler.

      • Tim in AK says:

        No snakes at all here, except for the few kept as pets. No scorpions either. Just the way I like it.

      • why says:

        IIRC, no snakes in AK or ME, or HI

        • warhorse says:

          there are snakes in the northeast. timber rattlers. but you’ll probably never see one. they’re rare to start with and they’re shy..any ground vibration and they’re gone.

          that’s the only poisonous one.

  5. Skip says:

    Sounds like my granny. Fix shit her ownself.

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