Hmmm, let’s see what’s happening in NYC

Employers and landlords who intentionally and consistently ignore using pronouns such as “ze/hir” to refer to transgender workers and tenants who request them — may be subject to fines as high as $250,000.

The Commission on Human Rights’ legal guidelines mandate that anyone who providing jobs or housing must use individuals’ preferred gender pronouns.

As the regulations, updated late last year, point out, some transgender individuals prefer to use pronouns other than he/him/his or she/her/hers.

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20 Responses to Hmmm, let’s see what’s happening in NYC

  1. anonymous says:

    An old Dave Chapelle comedy routine – And then there’s that joke, in which Dave, finding himself at a poncey gallery party, is stared down when he dares to ask ‘Is he okay?’ after a cross-dresser collapses in the corner. ‘I support anyone’s right to be who they want to be. My question is: to what extent do I have to participate in your self-image?’

    A quarter million fine – damn, that might raise the rent some I’m guessing.

  2. Unclezip says:

    I demand to be called “sir’, or “your highness”. Not doing so is very likely to offend, resulting in an expensive and public lawsuit. Y’all be forewarned.

  3. bogsidebunny says:

    Another “chest-thumping” victory lap for the asshole (assholes are not gender specific) De Blasio.

  4. Stretch says:

    Just ’cause you are out of your mind and can’t face reality places me under no obligation to play silly games with silly rules.

  5. rayvet says:

    I draw the line in accepting psychologically dangerous behavior as the norm. I am starting a movement to bring back asylums so we can start filling them again with these sick people and getting them out of society.

  6. pigpen51 says:

    I support a person’s right to be called whatever they want to be called. Period. The problem comes when the government gets involved. Now, I can see that landlords will, instead of taking the risk of a fine, simply tell trans persons that, I have others to show the place to, I will let you know. And that will be the last that they hear from the landlord again. So the government makes it harder for trans persons to get housing.

    • Wirecutter says:

      Myself, I support a person’s Right to call themselves whatever they want but I refuse the Right to participate in their fantasy.

    • Period. says:

      Pigpen, I think you are exactly right. I try to treat everyone with respect (regardless of whether or not I think they actually deserve it). I’ve known an awful lot of crazy people in my life. As long as it costs me nothing to participate in their delusions, I treat them with the respect that they don’t necessarily deserve, but that they get simply for being a person in my presence.

      OTOH, the moment they get the effin gov’t involved, all bets are off.

      You are also correct, trans people do often have a really hard time finding decent housing. And (even though it violates some of my political beliefs), after having worked with homeless Veterans, I find that I’m now of the opinion that access to basic safe housing must be considered a fundamental human right.

      I mean, once upon a time anyone could just build themselves a shelter, but now that everything is so over-regulated that it’s illegal to build a shelter or house, people must come first, even at the cost of violating my other beliefs.

      I’ll support a crazy person over a bureaucrat or politician any day.

  7. crow says:

    From May of last year.
    But still, it just shows that the First Amendment only applies to “some” peole.

  8. Condo. Sell it and leave.

    Ze is always late with the rent anyway.

  9. a says:

    Just use the more correct and New Yorkish/Jerseyish “yous” and “youse.”

    Or, “asshole.” Asshole always works no matter what.

  10. draninus says:

    So “preferred gender pronoun” is going to become a standard application question followed by circular file for anyone adding one of the 68 forms of mental illness
    Problem solved

  11. C.R. says:

    the trans gender are about three tenths of one percent of the overall population. why should the vast majority of the population be forced to cater to the delusional ? I would like to “self identify” as a wealthy dude with unlimited credit , but it ain’t happening and I know it. how can you trust someone that can’t even be honest with themselves?

  12. Bud says:

    i’m suppose to memorize the multitude of sexual preferences & their preferred pronouns now? horseshit go find someone who gives a shit

  13. Newvegasbadger says:

    More proof that the culture has gone insane. The real issue here has zero to do with what a sex pervert wishes to be called. It has nothing to do with gender identity, preferences. Zero. It has every thing to do with POWER. The cultural Marxists have now mandated force conformity on the masses of New York City the absurd notion that wishful thinking/subjective feelings now trumps biological reality. If your gender identity is what every you feel at the moment, then gender identity can be changed to what ever the person says it is, then be changed again a month later, with a new classification and set of newly invented personal pronouns. This is going to be a massive pain in the ass for those people who have a hard time remembering a persons name.

  14. Dave says:

    Don’t rent to freaks.

  15. Andrew Edwards III says:

    I’ll give them “it”, nothing more.

  16. Ryan says:

    So if your gender is whatever the fuck you decide it to be and people have to abide, how long till a person can be trans-racial. That will throw a monkey wrench into this SJW bullshit.

  17. bettysteve says:

    it started with Mz. (for the grown up single Miss’s who wanted to identify as grown up single against still a little girl single like we couldn’t tell by looking)

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