How dare you have an opinion!!!

Austin-based metal band Dream Machine has been dropped from Castle Face Records following “ugly opinions” on ICE, immigration, feminism, and sexual assault, according to a statement from the label posted to Facebook Friday.

Dream Machine is made up of Matthew Melton, who previously played with Warm Soda, and his wife Doris. The couple commented on hot-button topics in an interview last month with Still in Rock, a French webzine.

The interviewer asked the band to “criticize something about the music world,” and Doris Melton pointed to “horrible feminist bands.”

“They’ll make songs about being ‘sexually assaulted’ or about how ‘empowering’ abortions are or some shit and it’s fucking retarded, they’re embarrassing themselves,” Melton said in the interview.
-Mike Papa

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5 Responses to How dare you have an opinion!!!

  1. pigpen51 says:

    I saw them in an interview. She is foreign born, and intelligent and well spoken. She simply thinks that illegal immigrants harm legal immigrants, by making it harder for the legal ones to come into this country. I hope that another label picks them up quickly.

  2. USexpat says:

    Never explain. Never apologize, especially when you’re right and they’re assholes. Would it not have been great if the band just told the label to go fuck themselves.

  3. crazyeighter says:

    HFS. Small world. Matt Melton used to work for my son in Oakland.

  4. Mike Papa says:

    Theyre really good! If u like old psychelic rock like Sabbath ul love them!

    Picked up the album for $7.

    Support them they need it!

    • Odgreen says:

      Got a kick out of their video regarding tuning their instruments to A=432hz instead of A=440hz. Tuned down the Guild, the upright, the banjo, mandolin and fiddle and had a great jam session with the kids. Sounded great!

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