I’m sure she’s taken, men


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27 Responses to I’m sure she’s taken, men

  1. Elmo says:

    No contest. #1 is the clear winner.

  2. drjim says:

    There’s a couple of them that I wouldn’t get within 100 yds of!

  3. wmckinley@ruraltel.net says:

    That cowgirl makes mine wiggle….

  4. USexpat says:

    Very nice- cowgirl. Kinda like the Wahoo too.

  5. THAT is a most beautiful dun horse I’ve ever seen.

    ~ok sorry, carry on ~

  6. singlestack says:

    As soon as I saw #1 I thought, “Oh hell yes!
    I like the nekkid chick with the pot plants too.

    • Jimmy Torpedo says:

      That weed is about 6-8 weeks from being ready to harvest.
      The horse is more attractive than the woman.
      The Polizei girl wins.

  7. Spiro says:

    Women with horses, no thanks you can’t compete with a horse, and i find it a bit weird.

    • J Sage says:

      Lol, yessir…been there done that. Won’t do it again. Shame too, ’cause that’s one fine wholesome look’n woman. Couldn’t afford the two anyway even if I wanted to. This I sorely know the hard way. I’d say she might be into Cowboy Mounted Shooting, but her rig would be higher, more canted and closer in to center. Plus she’d have a pair of ’em. Could be from early on in the sport before heavy competition changed the way a traditional cowboy rig was worn. All in all though, a delightful look’ cowgirl to be sure!

      • Wirecutter says:

        Iā€™d say she might be into Cowboy Mounted Shooting, but her rig…..

        I’m thinking she spends a lot of time in the saddle and carries her tools where they’re comfortable.

  8. Kenny the Scot says:

    Regarding the second from last lady: I’ve heard there is a whole genre in the pornography industry which deals with ladies with hairy armpits. Someone also told me, not that I would know the first thing about it, that one can find videos out there on the interweb thingy of young ladies sniffing one another’s armpits! Apparently, if one Googles “Dixie Comet and Veruca James secretary armpits clip” one will find a short clip, on the gifycat website, of two young ladies (both clothed) who have succumbed to some strange sapphic inclination that compels them to lick their oxters! I’m shocked, I tell you. I’ve never heard the like!

  9. anon says:

    she’s packing that six shooter butt forward, only two reasons she’d carry it like that. She knows how to use it and isn’t afraid to do so.

  10. Klaus says:

    I’m going for the one with the thumper strappped across her back. I believe she knows the deal.

  11. Padawan says:

    I call dibs on number four.

  12. Roger.45 says:

    I couldn’t afford any of them, but #10 wouldn’t have to work that hard with me.

  13. Harry Canelos says:


  14. Drew in Michigan says:

    Why does 1 make me think of “That Summer” by Garth Brooks.
    She looks like the kind of woman that would make you glad to be a man, Her Man and she would glady be your Woman!

  15. Skip says:

    Yup! The crossdraw got me.

  16. idaho bob says:

    I’m not sure which one I really want……..the woman or the horse. If they come in a package deal, I’ll take ’em both!


  17. Alex Lund says:

    Lady No 15 with the sausage burger and this knowing smile is my favourite.
    I would give a lot to know her thoughts that went through her head at exactly that time.
    And I bet it was NOT “Looks and smells good. I am hungry.”
    She was hungry for something else…

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