It’s Monday!!!


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7 Responses to It’s Monday!!!

  1. bogsidebunny says:

    #6 turns me on. If she’s busy then I’ll switch to plan-B. All the rest.

  2. Kenny the Scot says:

    I think there should be more hot ladies driving cars …

  3. idaho bob says:

    I just love Mondays here!


  4. formwiz says:

    Hello, Mrs 2. You told me your daughter would be here or am I mistaken?

    PS Next to last, “Johnny, I need a sausage in the worst way. can you help me?”.

  5. bob says:

    Bottom girl i think is Gemma Atkinson

  6. Antibubba says:

    I looked at that second-to-last one and my first thought was, “Look at the size of her fridge!”

    It’ll happen to you when you get older, too.

  7. spaz says:

    its monday

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