Nevada cop orders dog to attack surrendering suspect

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43 Responses to Nevada cop orders dog to attack surrendering suspect

  1. Sarthurk says:

    LaVoy Finicum was murdered by the OSP and the FBI. Where is that investigation going?

  2. Steve from NC says:

    Fuck all them involved with that.

  3. Mike says:

    Friggin idiot can’t even control the dog after the cops have the guy down.

  4. Winston Smith says:

    Now hang on here a second……

    Whats the guy done? If hes a known child molester or maybe he beat the shit outta YOUR mother while robbing her, then the cops want me on the K9’s jury.
    Theres always more to the story than the buy who put the vid on the net is letting you know.

    And godhelpme, I LOVE it when the puppy gets his chewtoy!

    Chris Rock does a good sketch on How to Not Get Your Ass Whupped by the POlice.

    • pigpen51 says:

      Winston, I am sorry, but I have to say, no, you are wrong. To most seeing people, the man was surrendered, and had his hands on his head, and the cop had the dog attack, then the others called the guy out for resisting when the dog was biting the hell out of him. One of the biggest things that the founders had in mind at the start of our country was that all people are innocent until proven guilty. This means that unless we want to become run by anarchists, we must go out of our way to ensure that every single person who is accused of a crime is given an absolutely fair trial with an impartial jury of their peers. No matter how heinous the crime, it still applies. That is the strange thing about freedom. Nobody is free unless EVERYBODY is free. And now, depending upon the judicial system, this guy, who may indeed be a dirtbag, will now quite possibly get not only a huge payout from the city, but also have parts of his crime overlooked by a sympathetic jury, because of the testosterone fueled K-9 handler.

    • Eastwood says:

      He was on his knees hands behind the head when they rolled up. He knows the drill or knows how to present his self as not a threat. COP is A POS.

    • singlestack says:

      What he’s accused of is irrelevant. Cops are supposed to deliver suspects to justice, not act as judge, jury, and executioner. So called “street justice” is thuggery and a hallmark of tyranny.

    • Carley Boisclair says:

      It does not matter what he did, he was not resisting meaning this is police brutality! I am all for supporting the cops and giving them the benefit of the doubt, but this was uncalled for. The suspect violated his parole with posession of meth and a firearm. They located his car while he was in it, they pulled him over, and he got out and went on his knees and put his hands behind his head. The rest is on video. He currently has a large lawsuit against them that is definitely in his favor.

  5. cato1776 says:

    Infected with overblown John Wayne mentality. These cops are pricks.

  6. FriscoKid says:

    Justice? Standards of conduct? Upholding their oaths? Respecting the natural and Constitutional rights of citizens?

    Fuck that.

    As long as the king’s men ‘get home safely’…

  7. elric says:

    The cops should face charges for that.

    Then put them in general pop.

  8. MrTweell says:

    Not good for the guy that got chewed on and beaten when he was giving up, not good for the town that will pay heavily after being sued, and not good for the police, as people they are after will see little downside to fighting back.
    Losing all around, thanks to these fools.

    • JeremyR says:

      A couple years back, police in New Mexico stopped a guy who was supposedly a known dirt bag. They put the guy through living hell, a full colonoscopy looking for drugs he did not have.
      He got a huge payday. If he was the dirt bag the cops claimed, this was doubly unjust. The town has only its police farce to thank though.

  9. Locked and Loaded says:

    Too bad all who disagree with this video did not see the events that led up to the dog being released……..high speed chase through residential neighborhoods with kids present, multiple shots fired at the deputies who were in pursuit, multiple felony convictions etc. This POS is lucky he only got bit!

    PS….I live in the city where this happened. The deputies were applauded for their actions.

    • WoodBurner says:

      Got a link to the story? Has there been an outcome to all of it?

      The old boy (POS) had given up. The cops were wrong in their actions.

    • StBernardnot says:

      Who applauded? Other deputies?

    • MR says:

      The nazis were applauded by their actions from some…. does not make it right. What this guy may or may not have done is irrelevant when our “heroes” are supposed to hold themselves to higher standard.

    • rolldog says:

      By that logic, the worse the crime, the worse the apprehension can be?

      The guy was surrendering. There was no need to send the dog after him and egg the dog on even more. This is just a case of the cops deciding they want a little street justice before the haul the perp in. A wooden shampoo anyone?

    • So you’re a Judge Dredd fan. And a Police State fan.

      But I repeat myself.

    • Glenn B says:

      What led up to that moment it does not justify criminal misconduct by the police. The guy obviously, at least to me, had surrendered and seemingly only then was then set upon by the dog on the commands of the officer, apparently after he had complied and was surrendering. I was a LEO for over 32 years and I abhor police misconduct as was seemingly observed in that video.

      Cops cannot legally nor justifiably commit a crime because of anything an arrest subject did before the moment of the arrest – they still have to effect a lawful arrest. They are not his judge, jury, jailer, nor executioner and are not paid to be criminals; they are paid to uphold and enforce the law not their own version of justice.

  10. This guy knew the cops were on the way, who is on there knees in their driveway waiting for the cops to show up. No one I know who is a law abiding person.
    This guy must have been some one they needed to take off the street., but the cops, all of them need to be retrained and most of them fired, and the dog shot.
    Unless he is a child perv. murderer, ect. I hope he gets a big payout.

  11. pew! luis says:

    Hey, that;s Washoe Sheriff’ dept. Wish they were that diligent when one renews CCW.
    Took 100 frigin days to get mine..jeez!

    • Cederq says:

      I use to live out in Lemon Valley out the backside of Stead Airport and it took 8 months to get mine, a puke with a name similier to mine had a felony want and they had to check it wasn’t me. What a complete asshat agency Washoe Sheriffs Office was, we had problems it sometimes took days for them to get out our way.

    • locked and Loaded says:

      They tell you to send in your renewal 120 days before it expires for a reason.

  12. Published on Jul 10, 2017** (Disclaimer: Video posted strictly for educational and information purposes only) **A jailed fugitive who engaged Washoe Sheriff’s deputies in a high-speed chase earlier this year has filed a federal lawsuit against the deputies claiming they used excessive force by siccing a dog on him after he surrendered. Eugenio Enrique Corona’s lawyers say their client had stopped running and knelt on the ground with his hands on his head when Deputy Jason Wood released his police dog, Rony. The lawsuit states Wood commanded Rony to “get that bad guy” before the dog latched on to Corona’s arm. Washoe County Sheriff’s spokesman Bob Harmon said he could not comment on the lawsuit. Assistant District Attorney Paul Lipparelli said he hadn’t seen the lawsuit yet and couldn’t comment until it had been served.

    Here’s the complaint that was filed:

  13. rayvet says:

    I truly do not believe most cop/dog combinations are a good thing. Too many times I’ve seen, both in media and first hand, that many of the dogs and/or handlers are improperly trained. Many of these dogs do not do EXACTLY what the officers commands them to do, and many of the times the cop thinks of the dogs as an extension of their hands (which it is not). While I am always against any position the POS criminals might have, this guy did not deserve or earn that mauling by the dog. This tells me either 1) the cop responds inappropriately to the situation at hand or 2) the dog is not well trained. Either way, something has to happen with regard to this particular incident.

  14. headin' for the border says:

    Slow down, ignore the dog attack and notice the outfits the police are wearing. The cops that grabbed the guy have uni’s on but the rest of them are casual street clothes plus a guy who is wearing a US Marshals vest. A ton of guns out and cops are looking at all points of the compass. The video is deceptive in that produces a vision of unwarranted violence.

    • PoppaGary says:

      That doesn’t really mean anything…..My son-in-law lives next door to me and I have seen them come to his house for a bench warrant for child support with full tactical teams. he does not have a history of violence and due to medical problems that make it pretty much impossible to work, is always falling behind in his child support.
      And didn’t they go overboard at Waco instead of picking up Koresh when he was in town?
      I agree with those that this was way overboard, he was in a surrender position.

    • singlestack says:

      When I was a kid I was taught that one of the evils of totalitarian regimes such as Nazi Germany, the USSR, and red China is the existence of “secret police”. In America we call them “undercover”.

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