Oh dear god…..

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25 Responses to Oh dear god…..

  1. Andrew says:

    Uncle Fester’s side of the family.

  2. Odgreen says:

    Well! That one on the right could be Gru from Despicable me…….

  3. Padawan says:

    I just ate lunch.

  4. bogsidebunny says:

    Looking closely (wearing ballistic resistant goggles) these things may very well be of the feminine gender. It’s a stretch I know, but possible.

  5. One of the many Bill's says:

    People are weird

  6. Bear says:

    Aunt and Uncle Fester.

  7. crazyeighter says:

    Uncle Fester’s kids??

  8. Winston Smith says:

    Uncle Fester?
    Cousin It after a shave?

  9. John h. says:

    Is that twins?? “Eva?” And ?
    John h.

  10. RocketmanKarl says:

    Given the “art” on the wall, they don’t look THAT out of place, do they?

  11. RocketmanKarl says:

    Caption: “I feel … emotionally … erect.” (For all you Steve Martin fans)

  12. PO American says:

    Uncle Fester and his other brother Uncle Fester!

  13. Heathen says:

    Furry Krishnas visit local Art Galllery.

  14. Grog says:

    Uncle Fester’s wife and her sister.

  15. Gregbee says:

    Eeeegads man ! Where the hell is a claymore when you need it ! !

  16. gamegetterII says:

    That’s frightening.

  17. elborba58 says:

    Aunt and uncle Fester?

  18. Glider Rider says:

    Uncle Fester in drag?

  19. USexpat says:

    We need a cull.

  20. Arc says:

    Despicable me cosplay came to mind but Uncle Fester is a good candidate too!

  21. Andrew says:

    What surprises me is that there are all those people out there that actually remember the “Addams’ Family” whether it be on TV or in film.

    And… I got to the comment First, Beyotches!!!!

  22. wildbill says:

    Disgusting! I thought the handbag and shoes were supposed to match.

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