This is taking care of our Vets?

MANCHESTER, N.H. — This is what the US Department of Veterans Affairs says a four-star hospital looks like:

One operating room has been abandoned since last October because exterminators couldn’t get rid of the flies. Doctors had to cancel surgeries in another OR last month after they discovered what appeared to be rust or blood on two sets of surgical instruments that were supposedly sterile.

Thousands of patients, including some with life-threatening conditions, struggle to get any care at all because the program for setting up appointments with outside specialists has broken down. One man still hadn’t gotten an appointment to see an oncologist this spring, more than four weeks after a diagnosis of lung cancer, according to a hospital document obtained by the Globe.

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16 Responses to This is taking care of our Vets?

  1. Tsquared says:

    This just pisses me off. There are 535 asswipes sitting in Congress and the Senate that have exempted themselves from current health care that get the best health care in the world on the taxpayer dime and they have let the VA turn into a death panel.

    I love my country but I hate my government.

    • warhorse says:

      I notice Mccain from arizona didn’t go to the VA for his blood clot. I wonder why that is /sarc

    • DW says:

      Hate to piss more in your cheerios.

      But they also get $170k a year after serving 1 term as retirement pay and the health benefits continue.

      That’s what being royalty gets them over us poor serfs.

  2. Guairdean says:

    This is the VA that Congress funds. They line-item budget allocations, then bitch when there’s no money where it’s needed.

  3. warhorse says:

    another reason I’m still reluctant to go to the VA for anything

  4. Eric in Florida says:

    My father is a disabled vet and the shit they put him through just to get a appointment is ridiculous. After at least two months you might get lucky enough to get one for a basic with a primary. then another two before they might approve anything even just to see a specialist and on and on. The worst part is half the doctors will level with you and say sorry but the system is flawed and they can’t do anything to get past it. The other half are just flat out rude and unwilling to help. It truly makes me sick that they do this to any service man or woman that was willing to fight for our country.

    • warhorse says:

      my dad died in 2009. in 2001 he had colon cancer. was out hunting by himself, (yeah, we told him how stupid that was more than a few times) hung is butt over a stump to drop a deuce, and nothing came out but blood. he then gets into his truck and tries to drive 3 hours home, so they take him into the VA, and cut 3 feet out of his colon..not that big of a deal. and then they tell him “we’ll see you in 6 years to make sure we got it all” (YEARS?? are you fucking kidding me?)

      anyways, so my dad diligently waits until 2007 to get checked. and now the cancer is everywhere. they put him on chemo just to slow it down\. if the VA had seen him in 6 weeks..or even 6 months..after the initial surgery, he’d likely still be here today.

      • Eric in Florida says:

        Truly a sad story to read and sorry for the loss of your dad. I want to believe that it will get better with the outside care but they still make you wait for there approval before allowing you to go and again before any procedure. This time around it took almost ten months of b.s. And way to many pain pills before they approved the fourth back surgery for him. The surgeon could have had him in the week after seeing him but va has to approve it first.

  5. SemperFi, 0321 says:

    My local VA clinic and VA hospital in Sheridan WY are outstanding ONCE I’m there, getting thru their phone system and getting an appt are another story.

    I’ve had several civilian OR procedures in Jackson Hole this year, the patient care is OUTSTANDING, but dealing with the porch monkeys at VA-HealthNet (Tenn) and getting the appt’s is also enough to commit suicide over. I saw an orthopedic Dr and waited for over 8 weeks for an MRI, called HealthNet and they’re so fuckin illiterate they can’t sort anything out. Could not pronounce mine or my Dr’s name, and I had to ask them several times to repeat a simple word before I could understand their ebonics. If you want to collapse a system, hire HealthNet aka Monkeys with Computers.

    Just another piece of a crumbling society.

  6. why says:

    Easy solution – ABOLISH the VA, give ALL veterans open cards (like Medicare but pays 95% unless 100% disabled, then pays 100%). The bureaucracy has gotten so bloated, there is NO saving it. If it were a patient, the recommendation would be to take it off life-support…..even in the 90’s, there were MAJOR flaws – I flew a patient from LA to AR and was told to fly the patient back to LA – why?? Because the flight crew hadn’t gotten the “blue card” (registration card) from the sending facility…….really?? (AR ended up taking the patient but not until almost an hour was spent on the phone with both facility admin).

  7. Jesse Bogan says:

    Perhaps it is time for 300 million of us to force Con-Gress to use the VA system for their health care. Bet they would get it fixed pronto. Where the fuck do they get off exempting themselves from anything they pass into law? We as Americans don’t lean on these bastards nearly hard enough, or often enough.

  8. C.R. says:

    I have had decent care through theV.A.

  9. StBernardnot says:

    My experiences are totally different. Madison, Wi., Mason City, Iowa, & Des Moines Iowa have been top notch for me. Just last week, Mason City Clinic set me up with 4 specialist appoints in one day at Des Moines. This happened with a 2 week wait between the clinic visit & the Des Moines visit. Maybe it’s my charming personality. lol.

  10. Doc B says:

    I can no longer say that these stories surprise me, or that I am angry at them. I’m sad.

    I’m sad for my former country, that this is how they have chosen to take care of veterans. It’s a simple understanding really….in exchange for serving in the military and possibly ending up in an war-zone (most will never see active combat) the government agrees to take care of my medical needs if I am injured in the line of duty. This is the cost of having a professional military. Pay for a full time military, conscript one when needed, or hire one temporarily, these are the three options. Always have been, always will be. If you want to have a full time volunteer military, you have to make it worth it to serve.

    It would seem to me that the powers that be want a professional military to fight their endless wars overseas that have nothing to do with our national security, but they don’t want to pay for one. They don’t want to pay for us when we are in, and they don’t want to pay for us when we are out. They would rather veterans just went away….It almost seems like the PTB want to kill the golden goose that is patriotism.

    In my opinion, the US is no longer worth bleeding for. Between the bullshit wars overseas, the decline of the American society as a whole, and the culture that says that as a white heterosexual male with a job, I am the enemy, I just don’t see anything worth fighting for. As far as I am concerned I will never fight for strangers again, and my children will never serve. Why fight for people who either hate you or couldn’t care less that you even exist. let the freak show grab a rifle and take care of business…..they want the country, let them pay for it. I think it’s high time that the social justice “warriors” bled for their beliefs…then they can be real warriors.

    It is no surprise to me that right people are not falling over to join up. This leads to a few possible outcomes:

    1) the overall quality of the force will continue to decline, as the open positions end up being taken by people who want the money for college or want the bennies (such as childcare). These are people fighting for a paycheck, not because the believe the cause. When the risk is greater than the paycheck, they will find a way out. Ask any male soldier how many females get pregnant in his unit when the order comes down to go to war.

    2) Mercenaries – sorry, “Contractors” will take over more of the operations that need more than warm bodies. Just like the Romans when citizens would not serve, they farmed it out. Worked out real well for them to let the barbarians into their fold.

    3) End of a volunteer force. Conscription becomes necessary as more and more vets explain to their 17 year old sons that working in the trades or going to a tech school is a smarter idea than signing up to be the last guy killed in Afghanistan when we pull out. In all honesty, the trannies, the SJWs, and the Gyrlpower Strong Independent Womyn ™, are not in the least bit interested in doing the heavy lifting. That work has always been done by young men. A conscripted force will be necessary if the evil white boys don’t sign up on their own.

    Sorry for the long winded comment Wirecutter, just felt the need to vent on this topic as I have more than one friend whose life has been destroyed by the VA handing them pills to wash down with the booze so that they will go away and not cost them any more money, after all, the directors office needs new furniture.

  11. Eric says:

    I’ve been to 3 Veteran Hospitals in my life. The one in Puerto Rico was so nasty I wouldn’t let them touch my dog.

    The Tampa VA was so overburdened the waiting rooms were standing room only. Better to go the the ‘Doc in the Box’ if you needed help today, ’cause if you didn’t get in line at the VA by 7 AM you’d still be sitting there by 7 PM. As soon as I got good insurance I stopped going.

    The Fargo VA, on the other hand, has been top notch. I give ’em 5 stars all around.

    Shitty care isn’t a new problem. My dad is a veteran as well, and we’ve lived all over. When I was a kid him and his buddies would start comparing notes about the VA’s they’d been to and I was told a few times “Don’t go to the VA if you can help it, kid.”

  12. ed357 says:

    VA took…two (2) years for my retirement VA physical…..

    They took a complete financial statement before anything…..

    I got some generic Claritin…..

    VA sent me a bill….when I refused to pay they took part of my income tax refund….

    I always owe tax after that.

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