Yeah, I’ve been in a few bars like that

Actually when I was younger I preferred the ones with chicken wire across the stage and more bouncers than customers. That meant that sometime during the evening not only was I going to get a free floor show but I might actually be a participant.

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7 Responses to Yeah, I’ve been in a few bars like that

  1. Sanders says:

    I used to hunt those kinds of bars out when I was younger. Always had more fun in the sleazy dive bars than any “respectable” establishment. There were lots more interesting folks, as well.

    Only came close to having to fight my way out of one – in Kingman, Arizona of all places. And it wasn’t even for anything I did or said – it was my buddy’s big mouth that nearly got us in hot water.

  2. singlestack says:

    The best thing you can do with a Heineken is throw it. Drinking that nasty shit is out of the question.

    • crazyeighter says:

      Well, better than “Heiniger” Back in my Navy days, sitting with a Flight Engineer from Alabama (yeah, I shoulda known better) drinking some. He finished his and yelled “Bar tender! Bring us a couple more of these ‘Hey Nig— Beers!” Things went rapidly downhill after that…

  3. Tennessee Budd says:

    There used to be a bar down in Goodlettsville called “Fuller’s”. There were generally a couple of fights, at least, every night; sometimes somebody got cut, several times somebody got shot. I loved the place when I was young & crazy (crazier?).
    It’s long gone now, not that it matters. I wouldn’t go near a bar like that now. I like to think I didn’t pussy out, I just got smarter.

    • Wirecutter says:

      It was The Southern Comfort in South Modesto. Inside city limits there was the Copper Penny, The Sandalwood, Cap’n Andy’s, Eva’s Cantina, and the Mustang Club. If nothing was happening in Modesto you could always go to the north part of the county to get your ass kicked at the Cattleman’s Club in Riverbank or the H-B (H Bar B) in Oakdale. I got a haircut at the H-B one night.
      I was hitting those bars right up until I got married. My ex put a stop to that shit right away, the bitch.

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