You go, Girl


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  1. gamegetterII says:

    I’m sure she would tell us that her district is in such bad shape because of old racist white guys.
    Wonder what part of Harris county she lives in?
    Bet it’s nowhere near that part of town.

  2. carl lutwidge says:

    Elected by, not “in charge of”.

    It may be a shithole. And she may be an idiot or worse. BUT: NO congresscritter is “in charge of” the district that elects them. At best, he represents the people of the district. And, yes, it is reasonable to point out that the people of that district are sorry, or worse.

    But however bad Ms J-Lee may be (and she is…) the condition of the district is NOT HER RESPONSIBILITY. She has many faults and can be fairly criticized…but not for this.

    • ChuckN says:

      I’ll disagree a bit here. Does she have direct control, no. However the entire reason we as a country are in such a mess is that our reps refuse to take any responsibility. Now the dolts in her district keep electing her, so they’re by no means blameless. But she obviously not have the wellbeing of her constituents in mind, and as many would argue that is the entire reason for electing a representative in the first place.

      • Baron von Cut-n-Paste says:

        She’s a member of the federal legislature. Is local level maintenance something that we really want the feds sticking their dicks in?

      • DAN III says:


        How do you think a Congress scumbag like Sheila exhibits “….wellbeing of her constituents….” ? The scum of fedgov don’t reach into THEIR pocketbook and share THEIR personal wealth. They REACH into YOUR pocketbook to enhance the “wellbeing” of the morons who keep their sorry asses in office !

        I could give a flying f*ck about Sheila’s shithole district. Nuke it from orbit. Just make certain Sheila is at ground zero.

  3. Miguel says:

    As satisfying as it could be, the town is in South America or at least the Caribbean. Narrow streets, narrow sidewalks (colonial measurements) the second story addition is typical South American construction. Hell, I would almost say it is Venezuela

  4. JeremyR says:

    One of the upscale hoods?

  5. Stw says:

    Apparently no one in her family is a paving contractor.

  6. Cavguy says:

    But Texas?

  7. Paul says:

    She could push the city and or county for street repairs. Working for the people in her district she could work to improve the peoples educational opportunities. She could work with many companys to open shop in her district to help provide jobs. Help single mothers cope with the problems they encounter with raising their children. She is not an innocent or helpless bystander. She has had 20+ years to help improve the life onf her constituants. Meet with them and ask them what they need.
    Paul in Texas

    • Chris Mallory says:

      I don’t see authorization in the Constitution for any of that by the Federal government.

    • DAN III says:


      “….what they need.”

      “Mo’ money”… what the dirtbags will say. More of YOUR money.

      You are a flaming idiot !

  8. Lord of the Fleas says:

    Anyone here ever hear of a character called Shirley Q Liquor? Funny as all hell.

    And “Shirley” manages to bring up “Shelia Lee Jackson” in a lot of “her” routines.

  9. RonM says:

    The one person in the pic is a white guy. The blacks in her district all drive Cadillacs.

  10. arc says:

    Doesn’t look like any part of Houston I’ve been to…

  11. flighterdoc says:

    Hmm. Who is the mayor and city council of Houston?

  12. i'ma dindu!luis says:

    Those are part of the nignogs midnight puddle skipping games.

  13. CC says:

    To be fair, that’s damage from the 2001 flood that still needs to be fixed…

  14. Inbred Redneck says:

    If that actually is in Texas, she’s sure fallin’ down on the job. It may not have been the original intent, but now the job of an elected representative is to get as much Federal money into one’s district as possible. While Dirty Harry was runnin’ the Senate, Nevada wasn’t hurtin’ for GovBucks, as long as it was for a project he wanted.

    • crazyeighter says:

      Getting FedGov $$ into the district is one thing; having them spent for the benefits of the citizens is quite another.

  15. Chris, formerly of Houston says:

    I lived in her district for 32 years (I can’t remember when she was elected, but that district) and I don’t recall seeing any of it that looked like that. Look up Acers Homes Subdivision in Houston. Also the Electric Company doesn’t put transformers on the curb. On the bright side, her district is changing. Lots of Mc Mansions being built, that means money and she is not well liked.

  16. Weso Phuct says:

    Don’t worry, folks…she doesn’t have to live here!
    Look at it this way…people who choose to live like this don’t make the best decisions….

  17. steve tompkins says:

    looks like San Pedro, Belize, actually.

  18. Tioman y Yberra says:

    I get amused with these clever memes and witty put downs of her, or any politician really. Some simple questions:

    1) Do you live in her district (or will you move there) to vote against her?
    2) Will you contribute money to any candidate running against her – D or R?
    3) Will you support opposition candidate by volunteering to work for their political campaign?

    The answer to all three questions is readily obvious.

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