Indianapolis police say a gunshot that grazed an officer near the end of a police funeral at Bankers Life Fieldhouse appears to have been accidentally discharged from another officer’s holstered weapon.
Sgt. Kendale Adams said Sunday a female Marion County sheriff’s deputy was hit in the leg during the funeral for Lt. Aaron Allan and has been released from a hospital.
Adams added that a preliminary investigation indicates the shot came from an Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department officer’s gun that never left its holster and ‘may have been some type of equipment malfunction.’


I’m just dying to hear how the gun that never left it’s holster went off all by itself. My revolver’s been on my end table or in its holster all day and hasn’t given any indication that it’s ready to fire. Is there some kind of warning I should be looking for?

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28 Responses to “BAD GUN!!! BAD, BAD, BAD!!!”

  1. Tsquared says:

    I bet it was a black gun.

  2. Robert says:

    If your gun starts muttering to itself and appears more agitated than usual…

  3. Exile1981 says:

    Round in the chamber, safety off and the hammer back.

  4. SAM says:

    Maybe your guns broke?
    What I want to know is why if the gun is in a holster pointing down, the bullet did not go down?

  5. cato1776 says:

    Obviously there are more idiots at the Indianapolis Metro Police Dept. than the guy that shot a fellow officer.
    I have had 8 pistols and shotguns loaded at various locations in my home for over 15 years, they haven’t experienced a malfunction or shot anyone and most of them are black.

  6. Brian S. says:

    Equipment malfunction my ass! Can you say negligent discharge.

  7. crazyeighter says:

    It’s simple:


    Perhaps your revolver (a Colt maybe?) is defective…

  8. Hans says:

    Watch carefully to observe whether it’s sweating a little from the strain to release it’s striker.

  9. James says:

    I find you take them out for exercise/treat them well and most importantly have respect for them even those black guns will behave themselves and not harm objects or people unintentionally.

  10. James says:

    I will also say this article is fucked,says cop shot by motorcyclist then in article says he was shot by driver of a flipped bmw 325,that’s a car.

  11. Andrew says:

    Maybe the officer recently bought his gun from a Somali immigrant.


  12. Lynn says:

    Kenny, My Beretta 92 has been in my shoulder holster all day today while working around the property and now sitting in my office. Never went off, but I did hear some muttering coming from my arm pit when I came inside to grab a beer.

  13. Miles Long says:

    It seems there has been a rash of rogue police issued Glocks in the last year or two. Was this yet another?

    There’s so much wrong with this article starting with the headline we know less than we did when we clicked on it. Damn! That takes some extra special reporting.

  14. Dan says:

    While it’s not impossible for this firearm to have suffered a mechanical failure resulting in a discharge the odds of that are akin to winning Superlotto. The odds that the brain dead
    badgemonkey was fingerfucking said gun and caused it to discharge however are pretty near
    100%….and then LIED ABOUT IT.

  15. Allen243 says:

    A cheap holster that does not prevent the trigger from being moved could be the culprit. It can happen with cheap nylon and cheap leather holsters.

    • Heathen says:

      The more of these examples I read, the happier I am with my Kydex holsters. I do have a couple leather holsters that are due to be discarded, thanks for the reminder.

  16. Critter says:

    I’ve seeing something like this happen with a sig once. Part operator error, part equipment failure

  17. Elmo says:

    The older I get, the more I read, the more I like revolvers.

  18. singlestack says:

    Our gun club shoots at the local police training facility. When we first moved there the cops (especially the TWAT team) liked to come out all tacticool and show off. That bullshit stopped pretty quick when the embarrassment of being outshot got to be too much for them.
    These were their supposedly bestest shooters and their gun handling was so dangerous and scary that a lot of guys would leave the range when they showed up.

    • Timbo says:

      I went diving with our local fire department aquatic rescue team, many years ago.
      They were the most dangerous, irresponsible people i have dived with in my life entire life.
      Diving drunk, night drunken illegal spear fishing, 8 of us in a large sunken vessel with silt kicked up till it was zero visibilty – inside a ship at -100 ft.
      The fact that no one was speared or drowned on that weekend alone, I consider very lucky!

  19. Free Citizen says:

    I sat up all night watching my firearms but they just laid there doing nothing. None of them went off, scared me, or went searching for something to do. I guess that I have lazy guns.

  20. bettysteve says:

    seeing as no-one said it.. the gun got triggered, now it’s looking for a safe space

  21. John Deaux says:

    I call bullshit
    it’s never their fault, no matter what
    it’s always pass the blame on anything/anyone else

  22. pdwalker says:

    the gun dindu nuffin!

  23. BadFrog says:

    It’s not the guns fault – it’s all down to the asshole attached to the trigger.

  24. Pulled out a glock by the trigger, I bet.

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