If you sleep with dogs, you’re gonna wake up with fleas

I realize many of my readers are leftists. I have to make a distinction here, because “Democrat” and “leftist” are not synonymous terms, as the whole flap over the Rizzo statue makes obvious to people now.

There’s a lot of them in Philadelphia and they pretty-much signal off each other like cattle moo-ing their way across a pasture. Few of you realize what is coming, but I already see the winds blowing. You will feel that wind turn gale force as the months go by.

The people I’m feeling sorry for are you guys, gals–and other–who have been out marching in circles around City Hall hoping Trump would give a shit about your Magic Marker signs. Standing next to you in those crowds were miscreant humanities students and flunkies otherwise known as AntiFa and Black Bloc. Unfortunately for you, even though you didn’t don AntiFa garb you are going to be lumped in with them; because you’ve been winking and nodding at them and quietly accepting the normalization of extra-judicial unconstitutional violence as if it were protected speech.

That is soon going to come to an end and it’s not because of Charlottesville. Sorry, that’s how it’s going to be spun. Own it. The backspin has already started:

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8 Responses to If you sleep with dogs, you’re gonna wake up with fleas

  1. Hillbilly says:

    Not civil war related, but a General once said there are those of us with white flags and those of you with black flags. Kill everything grey before the battle begins. There will be no quarter for the undecided.
    I wish I could remember who said that, but I think I’m reaching back to 8th grade history class.

  2. formwiz says:

    History does repeat. The mail order brides of the 19th century wanted the wild wild West to end.

    America wanted the Looney Tunes of the 60s to end.

    Here we are once again.

    PS Good luck on getting rid of memorials to Frank Rizzo. He made Center City safe and his memory is much cherished.

  3. Mike_C says:

    >I realize many of my readers are leftists.
    So this was a quote from somewhere else. Shit, Kenny, you gave me a bad moment there. I read that first line and thought, “Oh no. First Weaponsman had a heart attack, and now Wirecutter’s had a stroke!”

    >vandals behead CC statue
    I’m starting to think that free-lance monument removal technicians should be dealt with in exactly the same way that they treated the statue in question. You knock the head off of Christopher Columbus with a club, get your head knocked off with a club. (Personally I’d rather see application of detcord, but that’s just me.) You lasso a statue around the neck and pull it off of a 30-foot tall plinth? You get stood up on top of a 30-foot structure and dragged to ground level by a rope around the neck. (Or detcord.) Assholes in black smirking and posturing while standing on you afterwards optional. (I am not a cruel man.)

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